The Leaves Fall, but the Tree Still Stands

The Leaves Fall, but the Tree Still Stands

Last update: 31 March, 2016

We all go through bad times in lifeThis is an unchangeable fact. As much as we fight, try to be happy, and put all that we have towards our dreams, we still have to endure negative moments. The leaves fall, but the tree still stands, and we should never, ever give up.

The tree still stands because it has strong roots. You know that it’s impossible not to lose a few leaves throughout your life. Autumns come, and then crude and cold winters, but the tree stays, even though times are bad. Because deep down you know that tomorrow will be warm, summer will return, and you’ll recover your vitality and strength.

The tree still stands because it has strong roots

The tree will forever be standing because it knows that its roots are strong. They’re attached to the ground so powerfully that even through horrible weather, nothing will move it from its place.

colorful wind

There are very bad days when the cold chills our bones. But the tree still stands. Even though it lost all its leaves through the wind, the frost, and the weather, the tree stays. Suffering, but unshaken, in its place, where nobody can move it.

Maybe the day will come when the tree has no leaves left. The environment is so harsh that all of its joy has fallen. But it still stands, because it knows that the happy days will return, and it has the roots it needs to keep it from being knocked down. It will stand until the light comes back into its life.

The tree still stands, and you are that tree

Now imagine that you are the tree. You must remain standing. As cold as it gets, as much as they hurt you, you must cling to your strong roots. Be immovable, invincible, unwilling to lose your breath, always looking ahead, because warm and happy weather will return.

Your trunk can swing, succumbing to certain sad moments. Your branches can be without leaves, but never let your tree, your trunk, your roots, fall from grace.

No matter how dry the branches of your life are, no matter how many leaves have fallen, no matter how damaged your bark is, you must remain standing, serene, giving, and proud.

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

-Theodore Roosevelt-

Never let your tree dry up, split, or break, no matter how many leaves fall. You should always remain standing, because you deserve to withstand and overcome the bad times in life so you can enjoy the good ones.

tree face

Look at your fallen leaves, but remain standing

From your high vantage point as a tree, you can look at the leaves that have fallen. Maybe you feel nostalgia for the days that formed a part of your lush foliage. Vegetation that was once green and hopeful, but has now turned gray and fallen to the ground.

“Men are not made from easy victories, but rather on the basis of great defeats.”

-Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton-

But this shouldn’t make you sad. They’re memories of what once was. Some are happy and fun, while others are bitter and unpleasant. And now you know that they won’t return.

However, the memories are still there, on the ground, around you. Maybe gusts of wind will come that blow some of them far away from you, and they end up being forgotten, many miles away from the place you decided to plant your strong roots. But the tree still stands.

The tree still stands, and it knows that other leaves will replace the ones that fell. Happy times will return, along with the lush foliage and green vegetation that populated your branches.

The tree still stands thanks to your strong roots, and there’s no amount of wind, snow, or storms that will break the trunk or crack the bark.

It still stands, living intensely in the present, remembering its past, and looking hopefully towards the future, because it knows that no matter how many leaves have fallen, others will grow, and it will be there to enjoy them and feel them in all its enormity.

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