Don’t Let Anyone or Anything Steal Your Magic

Don’t Let Anyone or Anything Steal Your Magic

Last update: 30 March, 2016

Your magic is unique. Your way of being is a work of art formed on the basis of discoveries, disappointments, skepticism, and based on your virtues and faults, which sometimes cause you to be irresistibly chaotic, unpredictable, and authentic.

Obviously, we do not always feel like that magic is present in what we are doing. Sometimes we feel gloomy, out of place, pessimistic, burnt out, apathetic; but this happens so that we know how to tell if a new gust of pure life is coming near us.

Throughout our lives, we may experience letdowns, we may feel that we are already too old and conclude that “the past was better.” You do not realize that it is not what happens in your life that steals your magic; rather, you are the only one who is allowed to get rid of it along the way.

Wolf Coming From Woman

The only way to get your magic back is to make use of what you already have

So forget all the great memories if the only thing they do is make you believe that you will never experience them again. If you are afraid, know that fear is a sign that our life is probably going through interesting times. And do not look at the future with the same criteria as you did in the past. You are not the same person anymore.

“The mistake is looking at yesterday with today’s eyes,
wanting things to go back to how they were
when you are not the same person,
as if our breaths could be recycled
or a kiss could be given a second time.
The mute do not yell, the deaf do not see music,
with the nine letters that ‘afternoon’ is written,
you cannot write ‘now,’
the love that was is never going to return.”


How are you going to be able to believe in the great things again when you are hiding in the comfortable arms of melancholy, when you cut yourself off with memories and denial, hiding in the tunnel of your own oblivion? When you deny your soul the chance to put your magic into practice with other people and in other situations?

Melancholy writes poems, composes songs, paints portraits, hears complaints, and dries tears… but it does not rebuild lives. So put yourself in a new starting point, hurt but wise, and decide to live with light baggage: faith, magic, hope, and will.

“Hope so sweet
and polished so meekly
Such light a promise
won’t work for me.
These tamed hopes won’t do.
Anger so weak
so humble, submissive
Such a prudent fury
won’t work for me.
These wise angers won’t do.”

Mario Benedetti

Woman Hugging Wolf

Melancholy is only valuable when it encourages you to experience the future

So if you travel lightly but with a heart full of hope, another golden age will come. Not one of those that will make you rich, the center of attention, or where you will finally put everything right in the world. If you have trust and faith in what you deserve, you are going to take sides with your life and it will return it to you with growth.

You will come to know people again who bring things out in you that you could not even imagine that you had. Your resources for knowing how to cope will be put to the test once again, just like your old insecurities, the ones that later got you out of so many tough situations once you knew how to overcome them.

The ones that made you a beautiful person, not just another person among the masses. The ones that emanate from you and make you go on seeming innocent, even though the wrinkles have taken their place on your face. But having a calm mind that doubts some of the steps is not a hindrance; it is like having an open book ready to be filled with new pages of feelings and emotions.

Woman With Star

What you learn from life is that it is never too late to take advantage of your magic

Through your life, you will learn that when you seem to have everything under control, something goes wrong. You will learn that unresolved endings tend to be the most beautiful. That the accumulated mistakes do not make you a fool or bitter, but someone who is looking for a new opportunity to show off the vast quantity of things learned. Now you are wiser.

We also learn that adventure is dangerous, but routine is deadly. That sometimes we try to go back to a safe place like old warriors who after a long journey try to get others to lick their wounds, to listen to their feats and their sorrows.

But that is life, a series of periods and experiences that we have to go through, not in a melancholy state, but with desire and good attitude.

We must always have a plan A, B, C, and D, and within each of these, a variety of routes. If you keep your magic alive, you will go through all of them and you will love the journey. So if you are withdrawing into a corner thinking that your magic will never come, look at yourself in the mirror and you will find it. It is just waiting for you to put it to use.

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