Thanks for Being Who You Are

Thanks for Being Who You Are
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Thanks for staying, for not leaving, for breaking all of the rules, for not paying attention to prejudice, for not giving in to expectations, for not looking for excuses, for not producing sadness…

Thanks for being who you are and taking the spot you desire. Thanks, because I know at times it’s not easy to play that role. T

Thanks to you I’ve come to understand that true love never ends, it’s never negotiable or conditional. You’ve taught me that one’s job is to stay where one decides to be…

sisters head on shoulder

I’m a better person since I met you

Since I met you, I’m a better person, more complete, happier, with more desires and less fears. I like to have someone who knows my ghosts, fears and demons. I like that you know everything about me and you still don’t hesitate when it comes time to stick around. I like that you love me even when I don’t deserve it. I like that you made me understand that mistakes are part of our condition.

I like to move forward by your side, hand in hand with you, and understand that life is not as dark as the ghosts want me to believe. I like to collect motives to be a better person, knowing you and I are two great grains of sand and that is enough to change the world.

boat sailing in girls hair

Thanks for preventing my shipwrecks

Thank you for preventing me from drowning in sadness, reluctance and regret. Thanks for giving me reasons to keep going, to open my eyes and for helping me discover that each one of us is a world waiting to be explored.

Thank you for forgiving my tardiness, for sailing by my side, for guiding me to shore, for urging me to swim in the rivers of sacrifice, work and challenge. Thanks for your trust, for making me dream, for believing that I’m capable of walking through paths I’d never even imagined.

Thank you for telling me without words that there are bonds that cannot be broken, that not everything is about using and discarding, that you don’t have to stand out to shine, that we’re all unforgettable and that some hugs can put all of our broken pieces back together.

Thanks for being on the other side of the bond, for stretching out your arms, for not abandoning our bond, for allowing time to pass and not punishing the distance.

Thanks for recognizing within me the smiles of pain, for knowing when I’m not okay, for understanding me, for offering me warmth, giving me your oxygen, reviving me, not drowning me or demanding things from me, and for not poisoning me.

sun smiling

The importance of significant relationships

There are some people who simply become our favorite corners, our places to always go back to. With them we experience moments full of love, understanding and trust.

That is to say, some people become our psychological air, because they let us breathe and fill our lungs with all things authentic. These relationships help us go on, find our own path and understand the journey.

We’re lucky to be nurtured by permanence, self-love and common interests. Everything is easier when you’re accompanied, when you know that around the corner there’s someone waiting for you, when you know you’re loved and deserving of that love.

Because significant relationships are those that have the perfect words for every moment. They perceive the amount of kisses that we’re lacking, know the value of reciprocity and gratitude. They leave space for our essence, signal our North, smell and taste like home…

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