When You Least Expect It, Good Things Will Happen

January 22, 2016

Suddenly, and without you really knowing how, the entire universe seems to pull strings with its fingers to give you everything you hoped for, which you no doubt deserve even though you’ve given up hope.

And why not? Some call it luck, others say it happens by design, and a few talk about the law of attraction. In reality, who can deny that with your effort, dedication, and willpower, you pulled your own strings so that you’d end up finding what you wanted?

Good things happen to those who know how to wait, and to those who can finally enjoy the luck that was busy being shaped day after day. Destiny, opportunity, and inner strength work together to bring us the wonderful things that give life to our hearts.

If you’re someone who tends to be skeptical about good things happening suddenly to those who wait, it’s worth reflecting on a few simple things. Magic, luck, providence, and the beautiful things in life are just around many corners. All you have to do is turn to them and walk the path with an open mind and a willing heart.

The crucial ingredient: belief in yourself


Good things happen to those who believe in themselves. It’s as simple as that: good things and luck only dock in the harbor of whoever is capable of believing in themselves enough to facilitate things that are meant to happen.

In order to finally get the things we want so badly, more than just desire is needed. We have to think about it: thought infuses emotion and strength of will, where trust in oneself and one’s possibilities act as true agents of change.

As you might think, there is very little magic in these concepts. It is not an idea taken from self-help manuals sold with empty slogans.

Belief in oneself can move mountains and is our true life force. Do you have it? We invite you to put into practice these simple pieces of advice to enable good things to come into your life with the subtlety of someone who can finally see the sunrise.

How to attract good things

Leave your routine and encourage daily changes

We know. We know that you spend many hours out of the house working, and that those days demand more obligations than pleasures from you. You worry about your loved ones and you know that every effort you give is necessary.

We can continue fulfilling our obligations, but approach them in a different way. Allow yourself something every day, however small: drink coffee in a new place, buy a small gift for someone you love when you leave work, go home a different way. Any change in routine is a new stimulus in the brain. A stimulus is a positive reinforcement, and positive reinforcement brings excitement. That’s already a change; it’s another way of approaching your day.

Set fire to your dreams every day and don’t let anyone put it out

Those who stop dreaming die a little each day, so close your eyes and open your mind. Let yourself dream about the things you want and free yourself a little every day, even if the freedom is only in your thoughts.

Every dream turns on an engine inside us, until little by little, we grow wings. Every dream will be transformed into a goal, and every goal will turn into willpower. However, never forget that all around you are people who specialize in deflating other people’s dreams. People who fill us with storm clouds and say things like “this train isn’t for you,” “you have other obligations,” and “that’s a foolish waste of time.” Don’t listen to them.

window to the sky

Change your thoughts and change your destiny

Good things can sometimes happen completely by chance; anything is possible. However, there will always be a greater probability if we do our part, if we facilitate it by being real architects of our dreams.

If you’re capable of changing the focus of your thoughts, especially the limiting, negative ones, you’ll make a step towards that destiny that you crave so much. And if destiny brings you to a crossroads…breathe. You are the one who should decide which direction you should follow in life.

We’re aware that it’s not easy to change the focus of our thoughts. Our thoughts are modeled by our previous experiences, memories, things we’ve learned through failures that we don’t want to repeat.

Many of our thoughts are limited by indecision and beliefs that others have ingrained in us. We think that change isn’t good, that it only brings danger, and that it’s better to stay where we are.

These are all example of limiting thoughts that require a cognitive restructuring. How can we do that? How can we change our perspective?

Believe that you deserve it.

Think that the time has come to make yourself a priority, to be the protagonist of your life and not just a simple supporting actor living in the shadow of others. Dream, hope, and make little changes every day. Or big changes. Good things come to those who wait. Don’t doubt it.

Images courtesy of Mariana Kalacheva and Pascal Campion

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