Attract the Love of Your Life

Attract the Love of Your Life

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Love is one of humanity’s greatest hopes. It overwhelms us with a positive energy that makes everything flow freely.

Have you found yourself looking desperately for the perfect partner? Is your biggest aspiration to feel complemented by the person that makes your world turn? You might think that you’ll never succeed, but you shouldn’t give up hope.

“True love is selfless and free of all fear. It spills over every object of its affection without asking for anything in return. Its happiness lies in the joy of giving.”
-Florence Scovel-

love in the sand

Stop living under the illusion

“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable illusion.”
-Edward Paul Abbey-

We grow up surrounded by fairy tales and stories with happy endings that include the perfect prince or princess. Reality is much more complex than that, so it’s time to stop dreaming.

Love will come to you, this is certain. But you should learn to see it. You are human, your partner will be human, and no one is perfect. What you should look for is someone with whom you are compatible; stop waiting for someone to knock down your door and go find them.

It’s important to be realistic about what you’re looking for. You can’t wait your whole life for the perfect person because they simply don’t exist. Look for someone who is compatible with who you are and what you want in the future.

Pay attention to what’s around you

You may be certain that there’s nobody in your life who interests you. Well fine, go find them then. I’m not referring to dating sites, although they can work. It would be better to start taking a course that interests you, one that’s fun and entertaining. Yoga, painting, cooking, or whatever it may be.

You’ll meet people who share similar interests with you. And you’ll have things in common; all that’s left is to see if they are compatible with you. What you should always avoid is “going hunting.” Focus on getting to know all of the participants, have fun, and socialize.

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Dress for the occasion

“Pretending is the closest key to falsehood  and therefore, loneliness.”

Do you feel like you always get involved with the wrong people? This is more common than you’d think and it happens when we put on a false image. Be sure to dress and act as naturally as possible. Don’t try to impress someone or call attention to yourself by changing your style.

Whoever looks at you should be amazed by you the way you are. Also, it’s very true that first impressions are important; you’ll surely analyze the other person. Think that if the relationship lasts, sooner or later they’ll see you the way you are, and if they don’t like this new version of you, there will be problems. Whoever loves you will love you because that’s who you are.

Be sincere

Make your opinions clear from the start. Say no whenever it’s necessary. Anyone who knows you and wants to be a part of your life should know what your likes and dislikes are, and what makes you laugh. You don’t have to be so compliant from the beginning, because otherwise the end will be hell.

Sincerity should be your most valuable weapon. Don’t start a relationship by being deceitful, playing games, or being untruthful. It’s simple: If you deceive the other person, the relationship will be a lie. Always express how you feel and trust the other person to form a stable and secure relationship. If there are no unnecessary worries, there’s more time to enjoy each other.

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Falling in love is a process

Don’t be obsessed with finding love. It’s a process that takes time and along the way, you’ll meet people, you’ll make mistakes, and you’ll certainly get hurt. However, the ultimate reward will be worth it and all of your experiences will prepare you for the relationship you end up in. For now, have fun, meet new people, and socialize with the ones you already have in your life.

“True love is nothing other than  an inevitable desire to help the other person  to be who they are.”
-Jorge Bucay-


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