The Virtue of Keeping An Open Mind

November 23, 2015

It happens very often. In our daily life, we find people who stand firm in their ways of thinking. Even close friends who are reluctant to undertake changes, or even risk hearing different opinions with the belief that anything that does not align with their perceptions falls to error.

Our society hosts a large number of closed minds that have a lock on their brains. They are inflexible minds that refuse to deviate from routine or open up to new options.

We are sure that you also know people that fit into this thought and personality profile. The challenge comes when they are family, friends or co-workers with whom we interact every day. The difficult part is having to live with these people who have erected so many walls for themselves and others. 

Do not be swayed, do not let them “inoculate” you with their inflexibility, denial, or rigid routine. An open mind is a powerful weapon that we should know how to develop.

You may think that you yourself are an example of a person who knows how to maintain mental openness, that you’ve overcome your fear of change. Yet, somehow we all have the odd corner that has not completely folded to such an opening. We all have some “little” fear and a reduced “comfort zone” from which it is very difficult for us to leave. Are you able to accept such different views from your own? Do you think your principles, your opinions and beliefs are always true?




So that you can delve a little deeper into these aspects, we invite you now to consider all these dimensions that help us to keep an open mind.

1. Question what’s around you

It isn’t about doubting everything we see or do. It’s more about not taking things for granted or accepting that “everything is as it should be.” It is quite possible, for example, that at work there are many aspects to be improved, or perhaps you can enhance your own skills to grow professionally.

It is even possible that the person that you admire so much may not always be right, and many of the things you read every day have other nuances to consider. Be a little more critical about everything around you.

2. Accept the unknown

Fear is the greatest architect of barriers that you’ll encounter in your life. It is fear which keeps you from discovering new options and pathways that could lead you to higher personal satisfaction. In life, there are few things that are certain. We must learn to accept and embrace this fact, face our fears, and jump into the unknown, if we are to live full lives.




3. Get inspired by everything around you, even your enemies

Believe it or not, people can achieve great learning experiences from those things that hurt us. Having an open mind means listening to all opinions and not turning around to run away.

You might be in front of someone who is used to hurting, deceiving and putting others down. But there’s a value to interacting with this type of person. It shows us what we do NOT want to be and helps us move toward what we want for ourselves.

Always try to make something good out of every situation you experience each day. An open mind does not only anchor onto the negative things, the rain today, the mistake we made or the “no” we got as a response.

Life does not stagnate in failures or losses. If we allow ourselves the honor of acknowledging our mistakes to learn from them, we will be moving the gears towards change and improvement. It’s a matter of being a little more flexible and changing our outlook towards positivity and overcoming.




Life is a continual inspiration. If you approach it this way  you will attain true knowledge of things. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, and simply dare yourself to live with an open mind.