It Seems to be in Vogue to not Say what we Feel

It Seems to be in Vogue to not Say what we Feel

Last update: 03 July, 2018

It seems that nowadays we play with not showing what we like. With not putting ourselves out there out of fear of rejection. With waiting for the other to say what they feel for us to say what we also feel. It seems that we pretend that we do not care who is next to us. We tiptoe around. It seems to be in vogue to not say what we feel.

It scares us to have to show our soul, to have to strip down and show who we really are. We are terrified to show our fears and touch souls; to let ourselves fall and have someone catch us. We are so afraid to walk on the surface of everything that surrounds us that we prefer to shut up and shield ourselves behind a shell.

It seems in style to not say I love you. How many times have we said it today? How many people do we really love? Surely more than we’ve told today. To not say what we feel does not protect us from anything. It simply covers our mouths, but does not diminish our feelings.

Not saying what we feel is not a good trend because it takes us away from our loved ones and prevents us from showing what and who we love. This should never go out of fashion.

The fear of saying what we feel

The fear of expressing ourselves, of releasing our deepest feelings is a defense mechanism. A way to protect ourselves from disappointment and the feeling of abandonment and, in short, from feeling vulnerable. It is normal for us to say we love you when we start a relationship or that we are happy about being in love and hopefully it lasts forever. Just like how we thank our loved ones for the love they give. But sometimes we don’t do this because we think they already know, but what’s wrong with saying our feelings?

What we do not say stays stuck in us, forming a knot that sometimes hurts. What we do not say hounds us and becomes a burden, because it makes us prisoners of ourselves. It takes us away from the people we love and disconnects us from our emotions.

Let this trend die out. Let’s end the habit of not showing love as it is, change relationships where we think we know everything without talking. Let us try to say things and prove our love, to show our interior, to undress the soul. Let’s remove our armor. Let us open ourselves without defenses to show others what is inside us.

It may be too late tomorrow

Why are we waiting to tell the other that we love them? Why are we waiting before jumping in and seeing what happens? Rejection is always better than an eternal doubt about what would have happened. Showing our emotions does not make us worse, weak or ignorant, just the opposite. Saying what we feel makes us free, authentic and sincere because we show ourselves as we are, we let others see our essence.

Do not wait until tomorrow, let’s not let time pass. Let’s not make it easier for someone to move on. Let’s say it. Let’s express what our heart feels and show everything that we carry inside. The trend of not saying what we feel ends when we want it to. Don’t forget that.

Say what we feel and feel what we say. The connection is two-directional. Let’s try to show ourselves and free ourselves. Let’s let go of that which burns, that invades us and that wants to be set free. Let’s try to say what we feel, and we will feel how calm takes hold of us because we managed to overcome our fear. Because we managed to be as we are and feel…

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