I Want to Be Authentic, I Want to Be Myself

I Want to Be Authentic, I Want to Be Myself

Last update: 03 December, 2016

Being your authentic self is much harder to achieve than it may seem. Day in and day out, we are continually conditioned by external factors and people around us that prevent us from being ourselves and showing our authentic selves.

Ever since childhood, we have been taught certain rules about living together in society that occasionally restrict us from being our true selves. This is not necessarily negative. It is normal to need rules, but sometimes we take them too far. This is when we stop being authentic.

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”
-May Sarton-

So, why do we find it so hard to be ourselves? The answer is simple: fear. Ironically, we are afraid to discover, to learn who we truly are …

Grant yourself permission to know yourself

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We actually know ourselves very little. Our pretend self is the one we think we truly are, while keeping our authentic selves buried under layer after layer. Of course it’s scary to discover who you really are! Until now, you have lived in accordance with how others have wanted you to be. Although you may not perceive it, they’ve made you this way. Changing can be scary, and that’s totally normal!

There are many people who continue to live in the lie of their authentic selves, while those who are genuine and authentic are truly happy. Learn, discover and release your authentic self so you may allow harmony to grow within your being. For the first time, you’ll notice the balance of your own being, and everything will be fine. Do you know why you have yet to discover your authentic self?

  • You’re afraid to recognize that you’re not perfect.
  • You try to camouflage your flaws and weaknesses.
  • Being vulnerable is not something that you enjoy.
  • Mistakes can be hard for you to accept.
  • You want to always please others.
  • You believe that being yourself means that some people will look down on you.

These are just some of the reasons why you refuse and strive to not expose your true self. F ear of  not pleasing everyone, fear of feeling weak among others, and fear of making mistakes.

It is normal to feel these fears, but you know what you’re missing, in the process? You will never be truly happy or genuinely comfortable with yourself if you continue keeping your authenticity camouflaged.

“To be yourself in a world that constantly tries to transform into something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Take off the mask and start being authentic!

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It will be a difficult journey, but when you manage to take off the mask of your pretend self, you will find it very difficult to turn back. You must learn that you will never please everyone, and pretending to be someone you’re not will only be a waste of your energy and will constantly wear you down.

Problems will arise, frustrations…all because you try to be liked by everyone, but believe me when I tell you that’s impossible. It’s completely normal, and something you must accept. Everyone is not going to like you, and you aren’t going to like everyone, either. Are you afraid of making mistakes? So what? Mistakes allow us to move forward, enabling us to improve and learn something new every day.

Eliminate the idea that errors and mistakes are something to be ashamed of, for there is nothing further from the truth. And w hat about your strengths and weaknesses? You do not have to be ashamed of those things that are not your thing.

Be yourself

Your job is to promote any one of your strengths, while also assuming your weaknesses as circumstances that are and will always be. What else can you do? After all, no one is perfect.

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”  
-Salvador Dali-

Perfection is not within perfection itself, but within imperfection. We are different and unique, and we must accept ourselves as such. Do not allow yourself to be someone you aren’t, because when start being yourself, the world will be very different.

The more you are your authentic self, the happier you will be and the more people you will attract. Stop believing in things that are not true. Release your authentic self.

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Images courtesy of Corinne Reignie & Brian McCarthy


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