The Importance of Knowing How to Disconnect

22 February, 2017

In the era of globalization, to disconnect or unplug yourself from the routine, especially from work, seems to be an impossible task. Finding a balance between the time we dedicate to work and free time might seem irrelevant to us.

Irrelevant in the sense that we don’t set aside time to think about it in a explicit way. But the truth is not doing it might lead to an accumulation of stress which, in the long run, turns into anxiety. And this anxiety comes with concerning effects on our health.

Paradoxically, when we cling to work, we sabotage our life in favor of this obsession. If your mind gets tired, it is less efficient and has a lower performance. At this point, the more we work, the worse our performance. Our frustration grows and the important decisions we have to make are postponed or become less skillful.