I’ll Try Not To Care About Those Who Don’t Support Me

I’ll Try Not To Care About Those Who Don’t Support Me
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

Some people don’t even come close to adding, they subtract. We should not allow those people a voice our decisions, or to influence our emotions, our health and our desires.

Never forget this phrase: “Care about someone who supports you and one who doesn’t support you should be set aside.”

In other words, we must remove from our lives those who do not provide sincerity, well-being and confidence. Or rather, we must ensure that we are not tormented by their opinions, their presence or their absence.

A big part of us is made up of who we surround ourselves with

The people in our lives give meaning to our dreams and our existence. So we need these people to allow us to grow and feel good every step of the way. We must seek those who will help us to feel good and evolve to the fullest. Also, we should play an equally positive role in the lives of others.

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The people that count are the ones that add, not the ones that subtract

We have to protect ourselves from those behaviors aimed at canceling a part of us and boycotting our personal growth. We must begin to question whether the people we have by our side are helping us add experiences and create good feelings.

Whoever gives us freedom are the ones who are in line with us. They offer us wings to fly, roots to return to and reasons to stay. So when these three points are not met, we must begin to strive to change what does not work.

This is not easy but the effort will be rewarded as we begin to free ourselves, not so much from the people who do not support us but from the behaviors, words and opinions that hurt us.

Self-love: the key to correctly choosing those who give us importance

We often don’t realize until too late that we must love ourselves first and foremost and that only through self-love will we prevent anyone from hurting us or taking advantage of us.

Obviously there are many times where wounds are caused accidentally, without any ill intentions. However, there are other people that don’t support us, and take away possibilities and choices in life because it serves their needs.

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So you have to know how to say no to those that attempt to restrict our freedom and our aspirations, and we can only be strong enough to do this if we have self-esteem and self-respect. Only in this way will we build healthy relationships.

Also, thanks to the positive exchanges that will be born within us, we will strengthen our ties and we will be more capable of resolving those conflicts and frustrations that may arise.

We need to know how to assert our essence, cultivate our self-love and manage our lives with determination. It is only in this direction that we will achieve growth along with the people who accept us as we are, who treat us with respect and who have genuine concern for our well-being.


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