The Gift of People Who Enrich Our Lives

August 11, 2016

When we consider the people we truly admire in our lives, we may not be able to count too many. They are the people who we listen to even when they say nothing, the people who enrich our lives, the people who make us smile without even meaning to. These people don’t even realize they are like this, because their hearts are humble and they don’t grasp after influencing others.

It could be said that every person needs someone to admire, someone who serves as a mentor, someone who inspires them. This is not the same as simply imitating someone else’s actions or words, or thinking the same way a philosopher, writer, and guru does because we agree with their ideas. We need someone closer to us, whom we see as a role model in all aspects of life.

There are people who seem to fall into our lives at just the right moment. They offer us a breath of fresh air that restores our mind and soul, that reinforces our values, and settles into our heart almost without permission. 

It is possible that we identify a friend, or maybe our partner, as this kind of person. If so, we can count ourselves fortunate to have that positive and comforting presence in our lives, and we must do our best not to lose it! We must pay attention to it, care for it, and let ourselves be enveloped by each one of its positive effects.

Many people say that over the course of our lives, we will meet irreplaceable and unique people who make an indelible impression on us. Given that we are all fleeting guests of this world, we cannot hesitate to take advantage of each and every moment, and each and every person whose company we share.

The significant people who enrich our lives, who add and do not take away 

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Undoubtedly, throughout our lives, we have all encountered people who take away more than they contribute, who diminish our lives rather than enrich them. This is typical, and inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we must get frustrated by this, or try to combat this kind of person with our own negative behavior.

In life, there will always be people who are worth it, individuals who brighten our dark, who always say the right thing at the right time. Kindness is like sunlight, it will never be extinguished. 

Something that we must always keep in mind is that in order to build these kinds of significant and positive relationshipsit is necessary must also play an equal part and put in our own effort. 

  • Trust. It is possible that you have been hurt many times throughout your life, or that your family has failed you in the moment in which you needed them most. Well, don’t make the mistake of closing your heart or letting it grow bitter and cold.
  • Let your senses lead you. Kindness attracts kindness. If your essence is noble, you will connect with someone with the same characteristics and values. Maybe you have gotten this wrong in the past, but you learned from it. Now you know who truly deserves to be in your life, and who does not.
  • Learn. Never stop learning. In order to do that, you must be humble. Maybe you learn a lot from books, but life, too, will teach you an infinite number of things. So, if there is something authentic and enriching, open your heart to it. Open your heart to the people who will enrich your life, open your eyes, and bring you peacefulness and well-being.
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The pillars of significant relationships: compromise and confidence

Right now, the people closest to you may be your parents, your siblings, your friends, or your spouse. All significant relationships that enrich our lives are sustained by two pillars that should never break: compromise and confidence. 

The people that reach us on a deep level weave into our souls a golden thread that sustains and protects us. This union seals an unbreakable agreement based on trust and reciprocality. 

The significant relationships in life are those that provide us with people who, without even knowing how well they guide us and accompany us, are different from the rest in many different ways. They are different in little ways that we can sense from the very first moment we meet them.

That friendship, that affection, cannot be measured by the number of times you see each other in a day or a week, nor by how many favors you do for each other. It cannot be measured by the number of conversations shared over cups of coffee. It can only be measured by the quality and mutual understanding in those moments that are so real. 

Trust goes beyond just simple reciprocality. It is an “I am here for you” idea, and with it there is no need to say more. Affection and mutual understanding are both implicit in this concept.

In these kinds of essential relationships, and with these people, we can be ourselves in every dimension, our deepest and truest selves, with all of our nuances and complexities. That other person knows these parts of us very well. They know our darkest parts and all of our defects. However, almost without realizing it, they help us and allow us to be our best selves. They help us grow everyday, and be better than we were yesterday.

There are people who possess a true essence, who shine an authentic smile, who teach us how to be more complete. Sometimes, we all need these kinds of presences in our lives because life is not only working, eating, driving the car, or cleaning the house. Living is to let yourself be surprised and allowing the unexpected. Living means giving way to these positive relationships that bring us new things and enrich our lives. Without permission, but as natural as sunlight comes through the window, they enter our souls and brighten our existence.

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Images courtesy of Christian Schloe and Claudia Tremblay