My Friends Are The Balm That Cures and Protects My Wounds

My Friends Are The Balm That Cures and Protects My Wounds

Last update: 25 February, 2016

They say that whoever has a friend has a treasure. Although we may we have been let down by our friends or we believe that friendship does not exist, if you are capable of being a good friend, surely, surely you will find a good friend as well.

When you find them, you will notice that a friend is capable of being the balm that cures and protects your wounds. Good friends are capable of calming us on our absolute worst days, capable of making us feel like great people when we are having a dumb day…My friends are the balm that cures and protects my wounds.

“Friendship improves happiness and abates misery by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of grief.”

Sir Francis Bacon

Friends Offering Hand

My friends are the balm that cures and protects my wounds. They are capable of making me smile even when I don’t feel like it. They are the people who encourage me and recognize my virtues when I no longer believe in myself.

Because they love me, my friends always try to tell me the truth without hurting my feelings. Their hugs, their words, or simply their presence are the balm that cures and protects my wounds. My life would not be the same without my friends.

“If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that piety is smarter than hate, that mercy is preferable even to justice itself, that if you go around the world with a friendly look, one makes good friends.”

-Philip Gibbs-

How do we recognize good friends?

  1. Good friends are those who are truly happy about the good things that happen to you. It can be seen in their look, their smile, their hug… when something good happens to you, a true friend is happy. And they will be by your side to celebrate it.

“One should look for friends the way one looks for good books: happiness lies not in their number nor their novelty, but in that they be few, good, and intimately known.”

-Mateo Alemán-

Teddy Bears Hugging
  1. They are the people who are not only there in the good times, but also and above all else in the bad ones. A friend has you in their thoughts when something bad has happened to you and wants to be with you somehow. They call you, show interest in you, and extend a helping hand when it is needed.
  2. Good friends are those who make you feel comfortable, who make you feel like yourself. With them, you feel like you can talk with total confidence about your issues and you concerns, your problems… you feel like a valuable person to them.
  3. They are the people who transmit something special to you with their hugs. Hugs are without a doubt one of the bodily expressions with which we transmit the most. Good hugs are just felt, they cannot be explained with words.
  4. They are the people with whom you can share confidences without shame. With a friend, there are no secrets; you feel like you can tell them everything and they are going to understand you or they are going to try to help you with the best intentions to resolve your problems, your conflicts, or your worries.
  5. Good friends have time for you. When you have a friend, you feel like you need to see them, and they feel the same. Even if you do not have time, you will make it one way or another. It does not matter if you are sitting at a café, going to the movie theater, or talking on the phone; what matters is that you dedicate time to one another.
  6. Good friends do not want anything in exchange. A true friend does not want anything in exchange, just your friendship. You are friends because you are good for each other and that’s that. It is something that you feel, that is born deep down in your being.
  7. Good friends are those who support you. When you are you feeling bad, when you are sad or worried, they are with you. They are your refuge for your bad days. With them, you can be calm, because you know that they will try to understand you and that they will be by your side as much as possible.
  8. They are the people who respect your values. It does not matter if you like white and they like black, sometimes the important thing is not sharing the same values, but respecting the differences. Knowing that despite your differing opinions, your friendship will come before all of this.
  9. They help you with your self-esteem. A good friend makes you feel good, makes you feel like you have value as a person. They will recognize your good qualities and they will help you to discover your potential. Your friends know what you are worth, which is why they are with you and why they will help you recognize it.
  10. Good friends listen to you. Good friends know how to listen when they feel like you are the one who needs to speak more in that moment because something is bothering you. They are all ears, paying attention every time that you need it. This is why you feel so comfortable with them.
  11. They avoid making comments that may hurt you, even if they are true. A good friend is going to know how to give you advice without hurting your feelings. They know how they have to say things to you so as to avoid hurting you.
  12. They bring positive things to your life and help you to grow as a person. Thanks to good friends, we learn many things that we ourselves cannot see in certain moments. They also teach us to see life with emotional intelligence, with enthusiasm, strength, and happiness.

“A true friend is one who knows everything about you and after all remains your friend.”

-Kurt D. Cobain-

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