To Every Brave Woman

To Every Brave Woman
Gema Sánchez Cuevas

Written and verified by the psychologist Gema Sánchez Cuevas.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

To you, brave woman, fighter who struggles every day to wear your smile like a flag. To you, woman whose eyes are the color of strength, the eyes with which you transmit your gaze, the sensitivity that you feel towards life and towards everyone around you.

I dedicate today to you because nobody else knows how to use every battle to continue through the storm. Today I admire you because you can see the light when darkness appears. My words are for you today so you can remember that you are full of love, bravery, and greatness.

Women with brave faces and courageous looks

I know the face of these brave women who fight to start every day with a smile even though there is a gray cloud in their lives called cancer. Their gaze is charged with courage, replete with strength; it makes you see that life can be hard, but it’s worth living.

They’re brave not because they’re unafraid, but because despite their fear, they’ve decided to keep moving forward.

woman and flower

For them, their fight is a constant routine, a daily task, their action, their strategy. Day by day they exert their efforts and will to live, and this permeates everyone around them. They’ve learned how to bring light to every difficulty, every storm.

They’re armed with bravery. They’ve used their armor against adversity and they’ve accepted that they are an active part of the fight against cancer. They’re brave, courageous women. Their greatness resides not only in their fighting attitudebut also in their ability to rise up again when they fall. Because they know how to take all of their inner strength and potential to continue on and not give up.

In every weakness, they’ve found the opportunity to build strength.

Their faces tell you that despite their fear, uncertainty, and occasional suffering, they will remain standing to get all they can out of life. They are grandmothers, mothers, daughters, friends, pink warrior princesses who use their strength as their shield and their attitude as their armor. In their eyesthe bravery that they carry on their backs is revealed. We can learn great lessons from them; they’re great teachers.

Decisive women, free women, brave women, courageous women. But sometimes they fall, there is sadness in their smiles, they lose their will to fight, they become silentand fear takes the stage. They forget that inside they are replete with strength. But they are skilled at building bridges to strength.

one big braid

That’s why the least we can do is take care of them, admire them, thank them, and love them. Accompany them through their struggle and help them when they need it. Hug them with all our might so that they know they are not alone, that we’re their battle companions. Understand their silences and their sensitivity towards life.

To you who fights

And now for you, woman who fights every day, listen to these words:

“I admire your fortitude, your capacity to be reborn and gain strength. I admire your will to get up and continue on, your potential to move forward. I admire your journey. You are strong, great, and beautiful. You are full of courage, love, and life. Your eyes show your battles and your smile is your engine each day. You are an example of moving forward, a true teacher.

It may have come without warning, without asking permission to take up residence. Fear may have invaded you and uncertainty may have become your companion. But with your courage, your inner strength, and your fight, you’ve learned how to find light among the darkness.

Nobody knows how much it hurts, nor the fear that you might be harboring. Nobody knows how you feel or what you’re thinking. But remember who you are and where you can go. Remember your inner strength and all of your potential. You can keep going.”

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.