50 Little Ways to Be Brave

50 Little Ways to Be Brave

Last update: 28 July, 2022

When you were a kid, surely you identified with some superhero or character who fought against the bad guys using a cape, sword or a special power. Or maybe you thought of your father as the one who could save you from everything. But what happens when we grow up? Do we stop being as brave? Do we feel like we’re one more in the group and wish to go unnoticed? Do we avoid taking justice into our own hands because we hope the law will come to our rescue?

It is very difficult to be brave. While being brave doesn’t necessarily involve fighting a villain, a dragon that spits fire or a meteor about to destroy the planet, it’s easier to go with the crowd.

Taking charge of what happens to us is enough (at least to start). Courage doesn’t only include heroic acts like those who make the news. Being brave means taking a risk, trying something new, not fearing that something will go wrong, etc.


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How to develop courage each day?

You don’t need to become like one of the Marvel characters or the Justice League by beating the evil doers in your city. Everyday you have opportunities to be a little more brave. If you go step by step, it will be much easier for you.

Want to know how? Pay attention to the following guidelines. You don’t need to fulfill an order, but rather add a new one to your list of habits while also remembering the ones you’ve learned by practicing. Are you ready?

  1. Give yourself permission to feel
  2. Put aside those who fail you or let you down
  3. Look in the mirror and highlight the positive aspects you see
  4. Say you love someone (if you really love them)
  5. Preach what you love or what you’re passionate about
  6. Write a story of your own, not of others
  7. Share your ideas, even if they’re crazy
  8. Let your opinions be known, even if they’re different
  9. For one day, go outside without makeup
  10. Allow yourself to be wrong
  11. Trust your senses and instinct
  12. Try doing something for the first time
  13. Set limits for people, activities or things
  14. Start something you always postpone
  15. Sing in the middle of the street (and if you’re off key, even better)
  16. Dance while you’re on your way to work
  17. Play an instrument (although you’ve never done it before in your life)
  18. Use a skateboard or roller skates to go shopping
  19. Tolerate discomfort or inconveniences
  20. Make many mistakes
  21. Say “I don’t know”
  22. Ask for help when you can’t do something
  23. Show that you’re vulnerable on occasion
  24. Address your problems
  25. Let the past go
  26. Take pictures of yourself
  27. Trust a really crazy idea
  28. Support a friend who is in trouble
  29. Say goodbye to a relationship that is abusive or doesn’t make you feel good
  30. Say goodbye to your fears
  31. Tell someone about your nightmares
  32. Rebel against prejudice
  33. Do not do things you don’t want to do
  34. Don’t say what you do not feel or think
  35. Dress regardless of what’s in style
  36. Be the one who makes the first move after a fight
  37. Give a flower or candy to a stranger
  38. Don’t always try to have everything under control
  39. Love your madness
  40. Ask someone how they’re feeling and don’t interrupt them
  41. Don’t react negatively when someone criticizes you
  42. Hug someone you love
  43. Praise yourself by saying nice things about yourself, your achievements, your looks
  44. Allow your schedule to be less full or busy for a day or two
  45. Be open to new things
  46. Start over as often as necessary
  47. Get “feedback” from those around you
  48. Be like a child and have fun
  49. Talk to the person you like and invite them to go out
  50. Call for a meeting with your boss and tell him what you think

Remember that being brave is not a lack of fear, but knowing how you can overcome it.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.