The Magic of Being a Woman Over 40

The Magic of Being a Woman Over 40

Last update: 07 June, 2022

We no longer have the figure of a 20 year-old, as the hurdles of the journey have shaped our body. Our look is understated because it has been formed over the years, allowing us to master the art of loving our children, our spouse, our family and our friends.

Through accumulated experience we’ve mastered the art and management of our essence, adding life to years we have enjoyed and which we still have left to enjoy.

A woman over 40 leaves her mark wherever she goes, becoming the master of her steps. She conveys self-confidence and has achieved stability, as well as an emotional and personal balance that is mesmerizing.

It takes great courage to love women marked by the past, those strong-willed but good-hearted women. It takes a lot of love to heal their wounds and disappointments. But above all, you need to be smart, because they are so mature and so experienced that they no longer believe in what they feel, but what we’re willing to do for them.

-Walter Riso-




More than 40 breaths of fresh air…


I’m at the age where you look at things more calmly, but with an interest in growing further.
I’m at the age where dreams begin to caress you with their fingers and illusions become hope.
I’m at the age where love is sometimes a crazy flash, eager to be consumed in the fire of a desired passion. And sometimes an oasis of peace, like the sunset on the beach.
How old am I? I don’t need to put down a number, as my hopes achieved, the tears that fell down along on path when I saw my broken dreams …
Are worth much more than that.
What does it matter if I turn twenty, forty, or sixty!
What matters is the age I feel.
I’m at the age where I need to live free and without fear.
To follow the path without fear, I bring with me the experience and the strength of my desire.
How old am I? Who cares about that!
I have the years needed to lose fear and do what I want and feel.

-Jose Saramago-

Your 40s and 50s are a peculiar moment in which you find yourself between two generations that reveal the ephemeral nature of life, so we realize that we must seize and reconcile our worlds. You will stop worrying about what happened and will happen in order to start enjoying what is happening.

From the age of 40, we finally understand that every person you come across has a role. Some people will put you to the test, others will use you, there are those who love you and teach you, but the really important people are the ones that bring out the best in you. They are and will be a few extraordinary ones that remind you that it’s all worth it.




The magic of the moment

The women of my generation are the best. That’s it. Today they’re in their forties, and are beautiful, very beautiful, but also calm, understanding, sensible and, above all, devilishly seductive, this despite their incipient crow’s feet or that affectionate cellulite in their thighs, but it makes them so human, so real…

Beautifully real.

-Sharon Stone at 48-

Many women over 40 have already been in difficult situations. They were able to be renegades and rejected by society. They have lived betrayals and disappointments that have helped them mature. They have been able to feel in their skin the tearing from dishonorable separations, abandonment and disdain.

They are forged in the heat of battle wounds and the most unexpected arrows. They have carried a large part of the burden of life  on their backs and, therefore, women over 40 have developed a seventh sense that allows them to go further, stay calm and reconcile with life.


As a joke, it is said that a woman in her 20s may be attractive, one in her 30s can be seductive but only after 40 can she be irresistible. This is the result of a perfect blend of experience and youth.

Somehow, the woman in her 40s has taken an important step in the pursuit of love, she now loves herself more than she did a decade ago.

Do not forget, 40-something women…

You are at the age that allows you to look at life more calmly but with an interest in growing further. Now is when love can be fiery or an oasis of peace. When you can scream your fears without fear and do what you want even though you’re afraid to fail. Today you can love, accept and embrace yourself because for years you have been becoming a person who is much fuller, much more YOU.

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