Turn Your Life Around... Start Being Positive!

Turn Your Life Around... Start Being Positive!

Last update: 05 October, 2015

What if, starting today, you committed to changing some of your seemingly insignificant habits? Maybe you start the day off with the simple goal of being positive, and only discussing positive aspects of our lives, and what’s going on around us right now.

Does it seem too challenging? Possibly, considering that we all tend to focus on the negative. “Have you noticed how badly everything is going?” “I can’t deal with this person anymore, they’re making my life impossible.” “Yeah, I completely understand. It happens to me every day and just keeps getting worse!”

Sometimes it seems like our problems and daily drama, join forces to create this vicious circle, where instead of instilling change and improvement, they worsen our reality. This isn’t healthy, at all.

Talking about what makes us happy doesn’t make us naive or mean that we’re denying our existing problems, in the least. It’s an attitude change, a more constructive point of view that can help our day to day lives.

Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring sadness

Speaking positively isn’t ignoring your sadness. I assume responsibility for my own reality, I understand each aspect that has hurt me, and yet, I choose to look at life with strength and optimism. This way, I can live a healthier lifestyle, and be a better influence on the people around me.

“Looking on the bright side” isn’t just a popular phrase from a self-help book. It’s the daily support we give ourselves that serves as a lifesaver and keeps us afloat. We’ve all been in tough situations, and maybe things aren’t going our way right now. Nonetheless, if we keep focusing on the negative in our day to day lives, there’s no way we’ll be able to move forward and away from it.

Focusing on the positive and speaking positively heals us, and positively affects those around us. It’s true that it’ll hard sometimes, and other times it might seem impossible. But rest assured, this is a very healthy habit for both our body and our emotions. Pain can be terrible and sadness can drown us, but there’s a dose of anger in negativity that really hurts us.




How to focus on the positive in our day to day lives

How can I focus my day in a positive and cheerful light, when that’s really not how I feel? It’s not easy, that’s for sure, so it’s important that you follow these simple tips:

1. Delve into your concerns, and your sorrows. Understand them and discover their “shape,” where they come from and what you can do to address them. If you can’t resolve them, and if in your case it’s loss, disappointment, betrayal or a simple “goodbye,” deal with it as soon as possible, and then l et go. 

2. Eliminate negative conversation. We all get ourselves wrapped up in almost obsessive thoughts that make us think negatively, and even fatally. Avoid it at all costs; it’s useless.

3. Build positive affirmations. Today is going to be my day, today everything is going to go well and today I’m going to feel great…

4. Replace negative statements with positive ones. “I deserve the best,” instead of “I’m a failure.”

5. Focus on the present. Don’t let your well-being depend on what’s happening tomorrow, or on “as soon as I get (fill in the blank) then …” Don’t do it. Enjoy the present, be happy here and now, and enjoy your daily dose of happiness.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.