Cultivate Unconditional Love to Improve Your Partner

Cultivate Unconditional Love to Improve Your Partner

Last update: 08 January, 2017

Sometimes we wonder how to feel fulfilled while overlooking the simplest answer of all: learn to enjoy unconditional love. It is clear that unconditional love is the purest and most incredible love that our universe gives us and it can grow and develop. When we are young we begin to experience it with our parents and closest relatives, but as we mature and begin to follow a routine, we forget.

Where we are more interested in improving it, biologically speaking, is with a romantic partner. When we are in a romantic relationship, it develops in all areas and knows no limits. Just enough to develop it with a joyful heart and full of desire to be better as human beings, delivering part of our essence to our partner unconditionally.

The American psychiatrist, Mark Goulston, raised the question: “What is needed to build unconditional love in a relationship?” He responded with 3 steps that I will share with you today.

“Unconditional love corresponds to one of the deepest yearnings, not only of the child, but of every human being.”

-Erich Fromm-

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Develop common activities

According to Goulston, love is built on a series of habits we develop unconsciously. When we love our partner in an unconditional way, we love being with them and enjoy our time together. Hence, we have a natural desire to share other pleasurable or relaxing activities.

The passage of time may cause the passion to disappear, and with it lower your levels of that love which overflowed with joy at the beginning. While this is happening, it is as if we started to discover new flaws in our companion and that even those we already knew about start to seem much more unbearable.

These new discoveries do not happen just because we are closer to our partner, but quite the opposite. It is the remoteness and routine which gradually feed this kind of desperation.

Walking together by relying on the other

If you asked yourself what is the first thing that indicates that a couple is together? It would be the language and body language between them. We experience and build a feeling of true love by being beside him and her. This is by demonstrating at all times that we are there and supporting them along their journey.

Walking hand in hand is one of the most special events I have ever experienced. Walking  hand in hand is a simple gesture, but it signifies permanence, contact and union. It symbolizes walking this path of life together, venturing without losing one another.

It is normal to have arguments. If not, this would be a possible dependency and we would not be respecting ourselves. When this moment of disagreement occurs, prevent it from transforming into anger. Putting aside resentment and a negative attitude will help you keep your relationship on full and healthy levels.

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Embrace the good of others and express our emotions

One of the aspects that differentiates strong partners is that they recognize that together they are more than their individual parts. They recognize that their partner makes their life better and complements their personality.

“I’m going. You’re going. But you’ll stay in my heart. Forever.”

-Luz Gabás-

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