3 Reasons To Be Happy Without A Partner

3 Reasons To Be Happy Without A Partner

Last update: 29 May, 2016

Love is one of the emotions that we have the opportunity to express each and every day, whether sharing it with others, helping, or loving those who mean the most to us. We all know very well that, socially, we are taught to associate love directly with the establishment of a romantic relationship. And we are told that if we do not live said experience, we will never be able to feel what it is to love and be happy.

This expectation is detrimental to many of us. We think that by not having a relationship, we are weird or simply do not have anything to give to others. If we do not have a partner, we instantly associate this fact with not being able to be happy.

It is true that feeling our loved one at our side is an experience that can bring us great personal growth and wonderful sensations associated with unconditional love. It allows us to gather lessons where sharing, respecting, and accepting are indispensable.

But it’s important to remember that in order to process the relationship in a positive way for both parties, it is vital and necessary to mature and find the balance with ourselves in solitude.

“A man’s worth is measured by amount of solitude that he is capable of bearing.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche-

Here are three reasons why not having a partner can also make you happy.

1. You have more time for your personal growth

Before continuing, I have to tell you that all of these benefits can obviously be enjoyed with a partner as well. But being alone,” that is, single, can often have these unexpected and under-appreciated benefits.

When we’re single, we do not have to expend a large amount of energy to understand and attend to the needs of the other person, which makes it easier for us to concentrate purely on ourselves. That is to say, not having a partner allows us to concentrate more on ourselves and our needs.

Not having a partner allows you to find yourself more, as well as to take advantage of all of those emotional fluxes on your own in order to solve those problems that perturb your body and soul. In this way, when someone does eventually show up, we will have done the work that, as I commented above, we need to carry out in solitude in order to mature.

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2. You can spend more time realizing your personal dreams

It is clear that for us to become a better version of ourselves and enjoy life, we have to be clear about what it is that enriches our soul and makes our hearts shine. For this, we need to have time to carry out a process of self-realization and define where we want to end up or what do we want to achieve.

When we aren’t in a relationship we can take all the time we want to do what we like to do, for we have more energy to concentrate on ourselves. The fact of having a partner sometimes leads us to concentrate excessively on the needs of the other person or not to spend time on ourselves, setting aside our own dreams and goals.

Therefore, there is no reason that being single should be conceived as something rather negative, for it provides us with the perfect step to be ourselves completely, to take time for ourselves to serenely realize those steps that brings us closer to our ideal state, and to concentrate fully on ourselves. Take advantage of that experience to carry out a plan of action and finally start touching the stars.

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3. You can discover your strengths and learn to love yourself

Emotional solitude invites us to become aware of who we are and why we are alive, what our mission is, and, one of the most beautiful experiences, to discover our personal potential.

It is true that socially, many of us have believed that in order to feel complete, we have to undertake the search for our “other half.” And feeling that turns us into incomplete beings in heart and soul.

In this case, it is good to think about all the wonderful things that you have with and for the world. And the moment when the love of your life shows up, share all of that from the heart. Take advantage of that step to develop and strengthen your self-esteem, and to bring the beautiful part of your soul out.

Being in a relationship does not automatically guarantee happiness. Just as being single does not mean you’re destined to be unhappy. Remember, don’t depend on others for your happiness; otherwise, there is the chance that you will fall into toxic relationships that are only going to do you harm.

“Solitude is the wealth of all extraordinary souls.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer-

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