Do You Know How to Live with Passion?

Do You Know How to Live with Passion?

Last update: 13 October, 2022

Passion is one of the most intense emotions we can feel in our lives. It is a culmination of soul and success. We feel passion when we dedicate ourselves to something we really love and consider to be most important.

To know whether or not we are living with passion we should look at whether we are exerting ourselves in what we do, if we pay attention to what we are doing naturally or if we feel every tick of the clock as time passes.

Today we will discuss passion and how to enhance your lived experience and self-development. Few people have come to analyze their inner feelings with the purpose of finding what really makes them live and shine. As with creativity, to start off we must demystify the idea that not everyone has it. All of us are deserving and capable of living passionately – all of us, in all of our differences.

I can assure you that a life without passion does not allow us to reach our true inner potential with which we entered this world. There’s no greater reward than fighting for what encourages your passion and deciding to take risks and give the best of yourself to those things and people you love.

You also learn that everyone’s passion is unique and unrepeatable. You choose your passion, how you feel it, and how you bring it to life. You are the one who gives birth to your own feelings and you have an incredible power over them. You decide how to live and how to feel your life – after all, it depends wholly on you.

If you want to feel passion for what you do or dream of in your life, I recommend this short 5-step exercise:

  1. Write a list of 15 of your passions:what you like most, what is most special to you, or what forms the foundation of your individual happiness.
  2. Now choose the 3 you like most.
  3. Write 4 or 5 feelings that best describe what happens when you experience each of those 3 passions.
  4. Write down the negative thoughts that could keep you from making those passions your daily reality.
  5. Think of how you could make your hobbies into something that helps you succeed, keeping in mind that passion and success are one and the same.

One way to get closer to living your passion is to join together and surround yourself with other passionate people who enjoy what they do and feel. When we stick together with them, we have the potential to enjoy a more intense existence and, luckily, passion is contagious.

It is easy to tell when someone is passionate: they talk about their passion and fill up with love and light when they share it with others. This is what I felt in my heart when I listened to Pau Garcia-Milá, one of the most passionate entrepreneurs I have had the fortune to learn from. I hope that you will feel the same effect:

But what does it mean to live your life with passion?

The answer lies in living every moment of your life, enjoying it with the intensity with which you would live your last day.

To live with passion means you live using all of your senses and stay aware of your own reality to achieve an inner fulfillment which allows us to develop our personal “magic.” To do this, our strongest ally is emotional intelligence, which allows us to break barriers that have been created by our fears and falsely perceived limitations by giving us a host of tools with which to attain a passionate life.

Learning to live life with passion is a feasible dream for all. I encourage you to dare to feel freedom, break down your barriers, undertake this challenge, and begin every day as a new one. Try new things, enjoy every day, live here and now, make things happen, constantly grow, and, best of all, love and share your love of life with others.

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