When You Carry The Sun Inside, The Storms Don’t Matter

When You Carry The Sun Inside, The Storms Don’t Matter
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 21 February, 2022

When you carry the sun inside you, life sets its most valuable gears in motion and nothing can stop you anymore. These are moments in life when we finally leave adversity behind and learn to walk with greater security. With greater hope.

And the shadows do not matter anymore, nor do yesterday’s mistakes or those people who come close in an attempt to put out your light: your inner sun. Because you already know how to recognize them, because you know how to prioritize and attend to what is really important in life: being happy.

Sometimes we look to the sky and discover that immense and solitary sun. Its age does not matter, nor do the days that the darkness covers it: it will never stop shining.

The same thing happens with people. We are all born with our own light, we all have the ability to shine; however, that sun that we come into the world with loses strength sometimes due to passing clouds, or due to the influence of others who try to block out our light.

Do not allow this. Do not let anyone or anything take away from your ability to be happy

How to learn to “revive” the sun that you are hiding within you

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Life is a journey that we have to go through traveling lightly. The less weight you carry, the faster you will more forward. Without grudges, without regrets, without fears or limiting attitudes. Only those who manage to fill their hearts with positive emotions will truly be able to fly high.

Sometimes, it is only when others bring us to the edge of despair that we become aware that we have wings in order to fly, that we are stronger than we thought.

There are people who say that we learn in life by suffering, that we have to go through difficult times to mature and get those life lessons. However, we also do not have to get to those extremes. It is actually something much simpler.

It does not matter what life brings us: the essential thing is what each of us does with what life brings us, with the attitude that we have. There are people who create enormous turmoil with simple acts, and those who emerge from tragedy with great strength. Whatever your attitude may be, it is never too much to bring out your inner light. That sun that should light our way.

The sun ahead and the shadows behind

You are everything that you have gone through, you are your triumphs and your defeats, but at the same time, you are something greater than all of that. You are someone capable of accepting his past and creating his future .

The past cannot be edited; nobody can erase what happened yesterday. This is why there is no point in making our present into a constant state of regret. We have to allow ourselves new opportunities and cultivate new hopes.

Focus on simple goals on your horizon which encourage you to make small changes each day. Sometimes, the worst enemy is routine, so it may be necessary to go beyond that line that is holding you back now.

Put the sun in front of you and leave yesterday’s shadows behind you. You will notice that the light can sometimes be a bit blinding: this is because the future has not been written yet and you are the sole creator of everything that is about to happen.

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Take care that nobody puts out your inner sun

Sometimes it is our education, or perhaps a toxic connection to a family that did not know how to educate us on happiness. Other times, it is our partners who file down our freedoms, people who bring us storms rather than happiness.

In our daily lives, there are many people who can put out the sun we carry within. And what’s more, sometimes the real enemy can be us, through those inner saboteurs who limit us, who fill us with fear and insecurity.

Do not let anyone bring you storms when you need bright, calm days. Remember that you are the master of your life and of your destiny, that you have to care for that inner garden that is your self-esteem and your personal growth.

Set limits, stop strengthening bonds that bring you suffering, and look for new doors in your daily life, through which you can discover people who are really worth the trouble.

No matter how long the storm is, the sun will always shine again

Nothing remains forever, not even the pain that is plaguing you right now. Day by day, the pain will become much less and you will be able to breathe normally again. The only thing that you have to do is learn to live with the memories.

We have to learn to accept that adversity can come pay us a visit at any time. And far from resisting, far from becoming prisoners to the pain, we have to accept it, understand it, and little by little, let it go.

Resilience is an ability that we all have within us. We learn from adversity and we come out strengthened whenever we understand that we deserve to open ourselves to the world again.

When everything seems to be lost, there is always a ray of sunlight. Look for it within yourself, look for it in the people that you love, look for it on that horizon that awaits you with new hope.

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