Strength In Adversity

Strength In Adversity

Last update: 18 December, 2015

Life gives us many challenges, even when we aren’t ready for them. One of the things that gives us great fear is thinking about the many challenges that could befall us: “How would I react to that?  If that happened to me I know I’d die!”  But, in reality, we’re much stronger than we think and we all have inner courage that grows when faced with adversity.

Because of that we can’t live in fear, thinking and thinking, “What if I lose my job . . . and what if I lose this love . . . and what if I lose this loved one and become sick?”

You may not believe it, but “after the storm comes the calm.”  So, even though the first moments are really difficult, when we have no more tears and we’ve accepted that life today wasn’t kind to us, an inner strength  appears that protects us, helps us and makes us grow as people .

Everything bad that happens to us has a positive side even though we can’t always see it.

Maybe in this moment this is happening to you, dear reader, and you think you won’t overcome, that you won’t be able to get over this, or that you’ll always live “with this bad luck that follows you,” but . . .

Life has stages, moments that are good and bad, happy and sad. That’s how this journey is and that’s how we must understand it. If one day is cloudy, or two or three, be sure that the sun will shine again.

Sometimes the sun is a little lazy and tries our patience, but other times it surprises us with its radiant light after a great storm. Sometimes we see it from afar, very small, until finally it comes so close, little by little, that we are inundated with its light.

Remember that inside of you is a strength that will step in when you need it most. It’s true, even if you don’t believe it, even if you think you’re a coward and have no inner strength.

You carry a light within you that will help you in bad times with more strength than ever and it will surprise you more than you think. 

And, when the storm passes, because it always passes, life will surprise you again with another love, with another close friend that perhaps you’d never have met otherwise, with a precious grandchild or with an unexpected trip that will fill you with aromas, flavors and new and marvelous landscapes . 


When you’re thinking about something so monumental that has happened to you, remember that not only did you survive, but you put up a strong fight.  You’ll feel like someone who wants to be a warrior and finally gets his armor and helmet, and now he has no fear because he knows that he’s faced suffering and has managed to defend himself.

To fight and to win, like one of these gladiators in ancient Rome, but in this case, your muscles were inside you. 

Something in your soul is torn many times, but keep on, fight, don’t let it win.

Hopefully this article helps you in the difficult moments to conquer fear of the bad that may come and to enjoy the good moments when you have them.  Laugh, dance, dream, enjoy what’s in your hand, and face life head on when the moment comes.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.