You Create Your Own Reality

You Create Your Own Reality

Last update: 29 March, 2022

Do you know what is real, what is truth, and what is a lie in this world of experiences?

As set forth by Immanuel Kant, “We can cognize things a priori only what we ourselves have put into them.” With this statement, Kant makes a Copernican twist, a revolution that supposes a change of perspective where reality in itself does not exist, given that each subject is active and transforms reality according to his or her own experience .

Kant asserts that we can only understand knowledge a priori if we admit that we only understand phenomena and not things themselves. Thanks to Kant’s revolutionary contribution, we understand that we are active subjects in our own experience. There is not one sole reality that influences us as passive subjects, which is why we are not slaves of our circumstances.

We create our own experience

We are the masters of what happens to us; therefore, every experience is a repercussion, a return from our thoughts, from our emotional state, and from the attitude that we decide to assume in every moment.

Surely you have had a chance to experience the fact that, depending on how open we are to new ideas, we attract more beneficial or harmful experiences to our lives. Depending on the degree of openness and where we are putting the focus of our attention, we will manage to attract experiences that are in line with the energy that we are putting into our environment.

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This also happens at an internal level; we lose strength and contract illnesses more easily if our thoughts lead us to believe that we are puppets of our circumstances and that we can do nothing against them.

When we continuously have unpleasant experiences, it does not mean that life has turned against us; rather, it means that in some way, we are boycotting our experience, through the energy of our thoughts and our actions.

Experiences are not inherently good or bad. Rather, we give various meanings to experiences, and these can differ widely from person to person, even if we’re talking about the same circumstances. We have the choice to interpret our experiences in a way that allows us to move forward in a strengthened way, or that causes us to attach ourselves to what happened and slowly destroy ourselves.

We are not slaves to our thoughts or our emotions

Contrary to what many people may believe, we can control our thoughts and we can devote ourselves to our emotions so that they do not become stagnant.

Our thoughts often remain rooted in what they are accustomed to. Our neural networks become stronger and are automatically activated, generating unpleasant thoughts before every situation, if we have reinforced this attitude.

As soon as we stop being aware that this is happening, we end up being slaves to our thoughts, believing that there is no way to escape from the thoughts that are making us uncomfortable, and they lead us to perform actions that confirm the state of our mind. 

We do not invest enough energy in what we want to achieve, which is why we obtain frustrating results, and consequently, we wonder, why do I never get what I want? Why does everything bad always happen to me?

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And we get hooked on this vicious circle, becoming more and more powerless, not because of the circumstances in and of themselves, but because of how we have responded to the situation.

Becoming conscious of the fact that we create our own reality and that we are not puppets of our circumstances is the only way to change these thoughts and modify them. Only we can change how we see things. At the same time, our emotional state, too, will adapt to how we understand each one of our experiences, how we live them, and how we integrate them into our learning.

Because there are neither good nor bad emotions; there are only necessary reactions to what we experience. They are indications of what is happening to us, and dealing with them helps us to form a great understanding of ourselves.

In feeling, emotions are freed, energy flows, thus making way for us to feel the new experiences. When we insist on bottling one of our emotions because we do not want to feel them or because we consider them inappropriate and negative, we are giving them greater force, increasing their intensity, and creating emotional imbalance.

We build our reality, we give it shape, we are the architects of our own experience. Are you ready to assume this responsibility? Whether you are aware or not, you are the creator of your reality and of your own existence, for it develops as a response to the thoughts and emotions that you have put in place.

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