I Am Breaking Away From You So I Don’t Lose Myself

I Am Breaking Away From You So I Don’t Lose Myself

Last update: 11 July, 2016

I will break away from you, even if it is the most difficult decision to make; however, I am doing it for my mental health and because I need to move on to the next step of my life. Sometimes it is necessary to leave behind the people that we love the most so that we do not lose the notion of who we are ourselves.

In the weeks leading up to a decision of this magnitude, doubt rears its head. When you fall in love or allow someone else a place in your life, you do it with the idea of achieving something that will last. We can imagine our entire life with that person, but one day we realize that we have ended up in a situation that is no longer healthy and it is time to turn down another path.

I lost my happiness because of this relationship

Many people believe that being happy is something secondary. I also wanted to believe this, but in the end, I am breaking away from you so that I do not lose my smile forever. It is a fact that the relationships that we have affect us to the same degree that we lend them importance. So, t he closer we are to a person, the more love and attention we will need him or her to invest in that relationship.

The state of the relationship affects the way that I feel and the perspective that I have on life. A relationship that makes me miserable little by little fills every space in my life. If I do not break away from you now, I could end up with a gray life that I do not want.

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The bad times are more numerous than the good

I am not breaking away from you because I think that life has to be perfect. I understand that every relationship involves highs and lows; thinking otherwise is immature. But when each word , each silence, each smile, and each chat ends up being something negative, there is no reason to keep going.

We started this relationship because we found in each other that thing that made us happy. Each of us felt pleased and we had the chance to grow together. Now all of those memories have started to be erased by the criticism, the tears, and the sadness. I am breaking away from you now while there are still reasons to smile when I remember you.

I cannot imagine life by your side

Maybe everything I have said until now does not seem like sufficient reason to decide that I am breaking away from you. However, there is something more important that you have to understand and that has been very difficult for me to understand: I do not envision a life with you. Although I have heard that being loved is the most important thing for maintaining a relationship, loving is what gives true meaning to that decision.

Maybe I am destroying your hopes with this decision, but it would be worse to stay in a relationship where only one of us is doing their part. I am breaking away from you because I can no longer tell myself that you mean what you did to me before. It is time for each of us to follow his own path. Do not think that either of us is to blame; this is just an example of those circumstances that come up in life that cannot be changed.

The most valuable treasure is gone: trust

Another reason why I am breaking away from you is because I listen to you, but I do not believe you anymore. Trust is the foundation of every relationship, be this with a partner or a friend. It probably took me quite a bit of time to realize this because I cannot change the situation. Maybe I tried everything possible to trust you again, but it was just not possible.

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Once trust is broken, it is difficult to continue and not because of a lack of love or compromise, but simply because the bond that strengthens the relationship is broken. I beg you to understand that in this case, I am breaking away from you because there is no longer any reason to continue. We could say a million things, but none of them would ever be relevant because I do not believe you.

I am breaking away from you to free us

Although it may seem like a painful decision, and though you may think that I am only trying to hurt you, I am breaking away from you to free us. I am relieving you of all responsibility for me, my decisions, and my feelings. The most important thing is for me to break away from you so that I can give a chance to new experiences and people who can fulfill you as a person.

I could stay, but half-closed doors do not let you move forward, and you deserve absolute love. I want you to close that door and to learn to see the ones that are being opened for you. I will do the same without forgetting all the positive things that you brought to my life. I am breaking away from you to let you grow freely.

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