The Winding Path of Life

March 10, 2016

Have you ever felt the need to change everything without quite knowing why?

Our life is full of turns and the path of life is rarely a straight line. You’ll agree with me that life is not based on established rules. Life is based on learning, failing, making mistakes, moving on, leaving, forgetting, or prevailing. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with leaving things unfinished: studies, relationships, or not following certain laws imposed by society such as not having children or a job by a certain age.

No one has a reason to judge you by what you do or don’t do. Remember that the you are the sole owner of your life. You will be happy when you yourself create the right to be happy.

Make the turn where you find yourself and if something is wrong stop, reflect, reverse, discover what may give you a clue and take your time. Time is valuable, yes, but remember that if you do not enjoy things and be present, it is useless.


Make mistakes, but keep moving forward

Planning life is healthy. It allows us to create expectations, develop passions and most importantly, think about what the next step towards our dream is and make it happen.

But obsessing about planning every aspect of your life can prevent you from actually living it. In doing so you close yourself off, thinking you are “supposed” to do certain things, when really, the fullness of life is based only on being true to yourself.

The fear of the unknown makes us get stuck on the path we’ve already taken and what our loved ones are probably already part of. But you will not let anyone down by not following the original plan.

Try things and make mistakes. Just simply take the plunge into the unknown. Life will reward you with the greatness of your soul.


Choosing the wrong person allows us to learn to be better and let them go. Have you ever thought about being someone, instead of worrying about being with someone?

Remember that love is born of the purity of the feelings between two human beings. First we need to want to share a life with ourselves. Using a loving relationship to satisfy our fears of not knowing how to face ourselves because of ignorance or not being prepared to face life is not fair.

Before giving your heart, worry about growing as a person and being the best version of yourself. Then, when you find the right person, that personal growth will no longer be of just one, but two people: of love. Give yourself time to mature and feel okay being on your own. 


We build our lives by events and experiences, good or less good, but not bad. Everything, absolutely everything, happens for an extremely good reason.

Learn to let go and experience your emotions

Learning to let go is the secret of a full life, without regrets. Because we learn by making mistakes. Don’t ever forget.

You are the master of your emotions. If you allow situations to make you feel bad and your emotions get the best of you, then you will always be stuck in that place. And you won’t feel you like you can move forward or feel free.

Compare yourself to others only to improve yourself, never to forget who you are. We live in the era of numbers, or rather followers. Social networking has created a system where you either “have a lot or are worth little.” And that, like everything else, has its good side and its “less good” part. The number does not represent who you are.

Comparing ourselves makes us seek to be better than someone, when the secret is for both to be better in order to share the world. Help each other, don’t compete. We never feel the same as the person next to us, but we have the ability to understand and empathize with them.

Dare to experience the grandeur of your emotions. Learn to not conceal yourself from them and share them with the world.

We cease to fulfill our dreams for fear of not being valid or not deserving them, when we are really all here to fulfill them. Settling for less than what we deserve corrupts us.

Therefore, live for what your heart says makes you happy. Love by what your body undoubtedly unites you to until the end, work to give to the world, and share the best of yourself with and for the rest.