Avoid Toxic People For Your Emotional Health

Avoid Toxic People For Your Emotional Health
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

We all like authentic people,  those who act from the heart, those who live out their dreams, those who take responsibility for their decisions and their actions. We don’t like to have to tell to anyone what they have to do or to run away from malicious comments from toxic people that are only meant to hurt.

We like people who are fair and appreciative, people who don’t seek out rewards or praise. We like people who are selfless, who trust us, and who encourage us to follow our dreams.

It is not easy to deal with people who have the bad intention to wreak havoc in our lives. But it can be very complicated and difficult to tell when a relationship is doomed for this reason, especially when intentions are masked and emotions blind us.

As inexplicable as it may seem, we often live subjected to these relationships. We don’t realize that as long as we function this way it will be impossible to emotionally distance ourselves and begin to free ourselves from negative, toxic people. For this reason, this process is so difficult.

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Good people are truly important in our lives 

The people with whom we like to surround ourselves know the value of happiness and sadness. We want to be surrounded by people who don’t hurt or cause harm to others, who make others smile, who can lift others up when they fall.

The people we like exude sincerity and always speak frankly. They are loyal, to us and to themselves, and are persistent in reaching their dreams. They are people who we love to be around because they demonstrate values that make us feel good, and that help heal our emotional wounds of the past.

Those people create happiness and chase away negative feelings. They never feel shame in acknowledging their defects, and they accept their mistakes and learn from them. They are the people who embrace and make whole all the parts of us that are broken, causing our ills to float away in the sea of oblivion.

These people resist judgement and allow us to show them the history of who we are. They ignore rumors, and they don’t invent what our life is like. They are the people who don’t associate with gossip no matter how much effort it takes. They have bold personalities and act with courage in the face of injustice.

The people who are worth spending time with are those who speak the language of sensitivityThey are good and respectful. They don’t infiltrate our lives with negativity. They have good moral values, and practice them. 

We know that we can trust these people because they are humble, and they proceed with tact and appreciation for life. They are wise with their dreams and dare to guide their relationships by appreciation, not self-interest. 

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Distancing ourselves from pain, getting closer to happiness 

It is worth it to open our eyes to the world and avoid spending time with people who diminish our lives and try to make our existence more difficult. We have to try to shine, to find our own path, and to free ourselves from labels.

Emotionally distancing ourselves from people who have hurt us means distancing ourselves from fear, pain, and all things emotionally toxic. In this way, our self-esteem will only depend on us. We will never leave it unprotected and vulnerable to the negativity of others.

Don’t try to necessarily create this distance physically, but rather achieve a kind of emotional distance that allows us to be occupied with what is happening in the present, without feeling bitter and trying to guess what their next moves will be.

Avoid environments of conflict that don’t offer any kind of growth, and that quickly take hold of us, of our good sense, and of our emotional health. Life is too short to live worrying about that which hopes to damage us. 

Remember that we ourselves are the only ones who can validate the opinions and acts of others. For that reason, those of most importance are the people who treat us well, and who love us. And keep those who do not at a distance, without any regret. Your emotional health will be grateful.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.