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Elena García

Social worker

A social worker specializing in the evaluation and intervention of people with Alzheimer's disease. She has worked in nursing homes, in charity programs, and as a coordinator of telecare services. She also works in an informative context through the writing of articles related to her area of training.

About the author

Graduated in Social Work from the University of Salamanca in 2016. She completed her studies with a Master's degree in Intervention for People with Alzheimer's Disease with a specialty in Evaluation and Intervention at her alma mater (2017). At this university, she has also taken a dozen courses on social and cultural entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, drug addiction prevention, socio-health resources and others.

She has developed her professional training at the State Reference Center for Attention to People with Alzheimer's Disease (CREA), and also at the Montevideo Residence. She currently works as coordinator of the telecare service at the DomusVi nursing home. In addition, she has participated in different volunteering activities such as education and leisure programs with both minors at risk of exclusion and the elderly.

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