9 Quotes for Recovering Positive Energy

9 Quotes for Recovering Positive Energy
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

There are quotes for recovering positive energy for when we need to have enthusiasm and optimism. In the end, sometimes it’s enough to just change the direction of our thoughts to more positive things, to vibrate in that frequency where we set aside all negative things, recharging ourselves in the best possible way.

We know that the expression “positive energy” is fashionable, and that in some way, it seems to be a bit far from the ordinary (or orthodox) terrain of psychology. However, if we apply it to the field of personal growth and not exclusively to spirituality, we will realize that it holds a lot of potential for helping our emotional and even psychological well-being.

We understand positive energy to be everything that generates joy, motivation, feelings of well-being, goodness and a kind of magical extroversion where we embrace life to its fullest. It is certainly wonderful, something that, curious as it may seem, the well-known Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich has already explained in some ways.

According to him, the human being has something that he called “orgone energy”. This is a vital and creative boost, something that leads us to the satisfaction and enjoyment of experiences. His theory, formulated at the beginning of the 20th century, did not convince the scientific community of the time. However, it has a lot to do with that positive boost that, in a way, we should all apply in our daily lives.

Let’s look at some quotes that can help us achieve this.


Quotes for recovering positive energy

The first thing we should understand about the positivity and the energy that comes from this emotional state is that it is not on the outside. This renewing and enthusiastic force cannot orient us if we aren’t receptive.

What’s more, we will not even perceive it if we move through our daily life engaged in our worries, our tensions and anxieties. To allow a certain type of energy to reach us, we must first empty ourselves of negativities. Only then we will let the new enter, which can generate a change …

Let’s discover some ways to achieve this goal, through these nine quotes for recovering positive energy.

1. Turn on your willpower

The psychology of willpower reminds us that what we want is possible, as long as we trust in ourselves. Albert Einstein knew this, and showed us through his work, in the world of physics, which is so full of emotions, of pains, of unyielding wills that are guided by the strength of the heart and a determined mind.

2. Don’t lose hope

3. Dark days do not last forever

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4. The potential inside you

Sometimes we do this: we spend half our lives asleep, lethargic without being aware of our true potential. Whether because of our family or social environment, we do not always manage to ignite that spark we need to understand everything that we can really do for ourselves and for the world.

Let’s do it. Let’s clear all the mists and negative energies that surround us to open our eyes to our interior and discover the incredible potential we have.

5. Your mental focus

William James, philosopher, psychologist and brother of the wonderful writer Henry James, also left us another one of the most accurate quotes for recovering positive energy. Far from seeking change on the outside we must understand that our responsibility is inside. Change your way of thinking and the world will change with you.

6. A life with meaning

We go back once more to Helen Keller to reflect on life, on the universe and on ourselves. If we are able to give sense to everything that surrounds us, however imperceptible it may be, we will be saved. Why? Whoever gives meaning to their life has motivation, has purposes, has dreams

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7. The value of your attitude

This is another of the best quotes for recovering positive energy stated by a popular motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. Think about it for a moment, what really gives us greatness, what sets us apart from others and makes us respect ourselves are not our skills, it is our attitude. Attitudes are the human being’s most powerful forces, those that lead us to our best achievements.


8. Life is change

Carl Rogers, together with Abraham Maslow, shaped one of the most interesting approaches to psychology: humanism. This theory was seen as a silent revolution at the time, as a force full of dynamism that saw for the first time in people their capacity and internal potential to achieve what they want.

We can all therefore start this process, because life is not just about adapting to changes, most of the time we must create them ourselves.



9. Dare to live

Let’s finish on a strong note. We will end this list of quotes for recovering positive energy with advice from the nineteenth-century Danish philosopher and theologian, Søren Kierkegaard. Existence, authentic existence, is above all experience, it is feeling, it is perception and it is sensation.

Life is not a book to be read, but an infinite room where you can dance with all your might, where you let yourself go, where you can be receptive, open, sensitive … That’s where authentic positive energy lies, in our yearning to live.

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