Attitude is the Most Powerful Force for Change

Change is not always easy, but it is the first step to achieving a healthier, fuller and happier life.
Attitude is the Most Powerful Force for Change

Last update: 08 February, 2024

Attitude is the most powerful force we possess, yet we ignore it so often. We do everything we can to shove it to the back of our mind, blaming others for what’s happening to us, complaining about all our problems and feeling like victims of our circumstances.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: what attitude are we going through life with? Reflecting on this question and seeing whether our attitude is doing us any good or not will help us be much more aware of why little or nothing is going as well as we would like.

Even if we open our eyes wide, we’ll see that our problems aren’t as terrible as they seem.

Choosing our attitude in any circumstance

We can choose how to deal with our circumstances, since we at least always have control over that. Attitude is the most powerful force we have, because thanks to it we can change what happens to us —  or at least how we face it. Do we accept or reject it? Do we complain or move forward?

Say you have a partner who’s always complaining. Their attitude is getting worse and worse. You get bitter. You know they’re a good person but you’re not happy in your relationship.

However, you stay there without making any changes. Meanwhile, you try to change your partner. You blame them for how badly the relationship is going.

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From the outside, we can see what we need to do. We have two options: one, accept our partner as they are, love them and accept them without wanting them to change. Two, we can break up with them and give them the chance to be happy with another person.

As you can see, attitude is the most powerful force we have, because it allows us to get out of a situation we don’t like. This includes everything: making decisions for ourselves, changing ourselves, not waiting for the other person to do it.

The same can be applied to other types of circumstances. When we get in debt, when we’re unemployed or sick, or when a family member passes away.

It’s useless to complain, to yell at the sky about how unfair everything is, to be the victim and to sit around not doing anything.

It’s useless to look for guilty parties where there are none, to refuse to accept what comes our way just as it is. We ask meaningless questions like “why me?”, “What did I do wrong?”

Attitude is the most powerful force for happiness

Attitude is the most powerful force for change, making decisions, and going in a new direction. With the right attitude, we can find happiness, or keep it. Because don’t forget that happiness is inside, regardless of what’s outside.

Thanks to the power of our attitude, we can see there are no limits and that we don’t have to feel overwhelmed by our circumstances.

No matter how serious a situation may be, like losing a job or getting into debt, we will get out and overcome. Attitude is our life force.


attitude is the most powerful force

However, sometimes our emotions dull this glimmer of hope. Things seem like bigger problems than they have to be.

But sooner or later, we’ll have no choice but to accept the situation and move forward. Why not do it from the beginning? Why feel bad unnecessarily?

It’s important to trust ourselves and not stay in our comfort zones.  If we do, they’ll shrink, not grow. If we stay in them, we’ll watch it narrow until it stops being “comfort” and we feel cornered by our own circumstances.

We don’t have to be afraid of change. Changes, in principle, are opportunities, new beginnings, new directions. We’ll leave something behind, that’s true.

But what is to come can also offer us something new if we have the patience and intelligence to play it in our favor. An opportunity to learn, to improve ourselves, to mature and to realize that we can deal with problems that come our way.

Let’s not forget that attitude is the most powerful force for change. We can make decisions to get out of a situation that we dislike. We can accept what we do not like, stop rejecting it and move on.

Many times, reflecting on the future makes us see it as harder than it really is. With our attitude we can choose something as simple and vital as how we look at the future.

A small change in attitude can make a big difference. It can turn an “insurmountable” situation into a surmountable one, and a painful circumstance into an opportunity to get stronger.

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