The Biggest Revolution in This World Is to Preserve Joy

The Biggest Revolution in This World Is to Preserve Joy

Last update: 20 January, 2017

In a world that encourages you to hate, preserving joy and self-love is a true revolution. It is the best way to raise the flag of our way of life, of our nonconformity before injustices. Leave our marks with our smiles, hugs and the warm attention for anyone who needs it.

We usually question ourselves inversely: everything I am doesn’t become good enough for anything. I’m not up to par with what is demanded of me. I’m not attractive enough, I’m not a good enough mother, I’ll never get it, it’s what they tell me and what I think. Rebel against so much discomfort and proclaim the revolution of your own joy. Smile, it confuses people hoping for you to be accompanied by sadness.

The revolution of joy that we all possess

With so many conflicting messages and such uncertainty we are tempted to hate ourselves. We hate our existence because it seems that we are not free to exercise it freely. But the more you hate yourself, the more reason you give to those who want you to. It is time to question everything that has led us to come to hate ourselves and feel guilty. It is time to question the sadness in order to form the revolution of joy.

Feeling pain in life is normal. Transforming our lives into suffering, isn’t.

suffering woman sitting by the sea

Get out of that self-imposed prison of pain and suffering, where all of the wrongs of the past, unattainable demands and withered and hurtful guilt reside. Anyway, we will never be able to be perfect, that’s not nearly the worst that can happen. The worst is to lose joy and pride because you think you are not good enough and that the toll you pay for it is to feel eternally indebted and like a failure.

The fallacy of divine reward

Sometimes we think that all our suffering will be rewarded, that some supernatural force will put everything in place and reward us with what we deserve. We have suffered a lot, we continue to have a bad time and we believe that the universe has a duty to spare us. It is the fallacy of divine reward.

“If we exaggerate our joys, as we do with our sorrows, our problems lose importance”

-Anatole France-

Happiness will not come as a reward for your suffering. It will come from your ability to provide kind words and a knowing smile to someone who is going through a bad situation.

Joy and positivity are contagious. The attitude of the eternal martyr will not benefit you or anyone in your environment. It is your responsibility to leave this dynamic of discomfort. Ask for help, express yourself, fight for something you want and try to change your circumstances.

The revolution of leaving hatred aside

It’s not a matter of carrying all of the blame of the society you are in.  It is being aware of the large amount of harmful messages around us that encourage aggression, selfishness, bad morals and uncontrolled consumerism. You are an active part of your world and therefore must set limits.

woman with butterflies

Living in freedom implies assuming rights and duties, but not useless demands, and much less if they have nothing to bring you. Choose anything that makes you feel good and does not hurt anyone. So simple, so effective.

An ordinary person can lead a revolution without declaring it

You can exert a small revolution in the world. You can show that despite all the bad you’ve experienced, you insist on unconditional acceptance of yourself, the commitment to things that really matter to you, and the absence of internalizing stereotypes and stigmas that do not belong to you.

“Happiness does man so much good! It seems that one would give their heart, their joy. And joy is contagious!”

-Fiodor Dostoesky-

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Work on loving yourself and don’t suffer more than necessary. These types of individual revolutions are those that cause a greater impact on the people we encounter.

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