5 Fears a Mentally Strong Person Faces

5 Fears a Mentally Strong Person Faces

Last update: 11 September, 2016

A mentally strong person experiences the same fears as the rest of us. What makes them different is the way they face them. Do you consider yourself a mentally strong person?

Mentally strong people are willing to conquer their fears and tolerate anxiety. The fears they seek to confront and overcome are:

1. Fear of failure

Making a mistake or failing is one of the biggest fears we have. From the time we are small, it is instilled in us that we must be good in order to succeed. But a mentally strong person knows that making a mistake does not always mean failing.

Moreover, they challenge themselves into unknown situations for the sole purpose of having the experience. They have learned that failure is often just the beginning of the road. It is through these experiences that they enrich their knowledge and arrive at a clear objective.

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A mentally strong person is not only willing to try again and again, they are also eager to do so. They definitely are not ones for comfort and certainty because they avoid being stagnant as much as they can.

2. Fear of rejection

Rejection is present in every moment of our lives. However, we often run from it. Some people are truly terrified to ask for a raise or to begin a relationship because of the looming possibility of rejection.

Fear of rejection can prevent you from reaching your goals. They can keep you silent about injustice or cause you to accept a toxic relationship.

A mentally strong person does not accept any of this. On the contrary, he or she is prepared to deal with rejection. He knows that when a relationship ends it is because a better one will come. They understand that life is too short to live unhappily.

A mentally strong person is not immune to rejection but knows it is necessary to grow.

3. Fear of displeasing others

Do you do the things you want? Do you limit yourself to pleasing others? Trying to please everyone may seem necessary, but the problem with living this way is that at some point you feel that you are not yourself.

Really, who can be happy living according to the desires of others? A mentally strong person knows that their motives, goals and purposes are personal. This does not mean that their actions will disappoint their loved ones. It is just about doing things without fear or guilt. The mentally strong person knows that at some point he or she will encounter opposing views. Perhaps their parents will not be entirely satisfied with the career he or she chose, but the mentally strong person knows that he or she is the only one responsible for his/her life .

There will be times they are willing to make a sacrifice to please others if their values and ideals are not compromised or affected.

4. Fear of change

Man is an evolutionary being. Trying to avoid changes prevents your ability to grow or improve. However, many people are unwilling to move forward. They fear what they might find if they take that step.

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A mentally strong person does not have this problem. If their life is in order now and seems good to them, they can continue like this. If they reach a point where they must move, they do it. Not without guilt or without fear, but with the conviction that something good awaits them.

5. Fear of success

In a world where it seems like it is necessary to succeed, it is difficult to understand how there are people who fear it. Who would not want to advance their career? Why wouldn’t you want to achieve all your goals? The truth is that success comes with many responsibilities and not everyone is willing to accept the whole package.

There will be those who think it is better to have a less successful life if it gives them peace or tranquility. A mentally strong person is ready to go out and see what the world has to offer.

He or she knows that the challenges and efforts will be important, but they are not willing to accept less than what they desire. And you, do you live your life with passion? Do you accept what it gives you or do face your fears? Are you a mentally strong person?

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