Gratitude Changes Lives

Gratitude Changes Lives

Last update: 26 April, 2016

How many times have you complained today? It does not matter what the topic was, just the fact of complaining. Have you thought that maybe you have more than what you recognize and value? Gratitude is a gift that we give to ourselves when we recognize our wealth.

Gratitude allows us to gain certainty when it seems like we do not have anything. It also gives you peace when you are able to see who you have in your life despite believing that you are alone. Gratitude changes your life when you give it the chance to show you what you have.

“When you drink water, remember the spring.”

-Chinese proverb-

You can look for what you want without pressure

How many times have you dreamed about a better life and then seen what you have and felt bad? This happens because you are not thankful for what you have. Gratitude allows you to go through those goals that you set for yourself, enjoying what you are and have today.

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Gratitude makes it easier for you to feel pleased and enjoy your successes. Lack of gratitude can cause you to feel like a hamster turning in the wheel of life, devoid of happiness.

Gratitude gives you more reasons to be happy

When you stop to see the positive things in your life, you will be more aware of what you have. Surely you have known people who seem to always have things going right for them. They often talk about things that make them happy and that they are thankful for.

Before thinking that these people do not have problems, analyze what they are focusing their attention on. What about you? If you spend more time looking for negative situations, that is what you are going to see. You could have the best day ahead of you, spending it with your best friends, and you still are not going to see the good in it.

If you feel like everything is against you now or like nothing makes any sense, stop, take a deep breath, and look for two things that you should be grateful for. You will see that little by little, these things will multiply.

“Thankfulness is the main part of being a good man.”

-Francisco de Quevedo-

Gratitude makes you happy

If you spend your life thinking that things would be better if you had a job or lived somewhere else, it will be impossible for you to be happy . It is perfectly normal to set new goals for yourself, as long as they are not a pretext for negativity.

Be thankful for what you have. For example, if your job really is not what you want, show gratitude that you have it and are not unemployed. You can look for a better alternative, but at least you will be calmer and happier with what you are doing.

Show gratitude through your actions

It does us good to talk to people and sometimes we do it too much. You can say that you are grateful to your parents for the life that they gave you, but visiting them whenever you can will show it even more.

It does not matter what you say, but how you show it. If you do not believe me, think about the things that are the most important to you. Surely you will agree with me that actions speak more loudly than words .

“When gratitude is so absolute, words are not necessary.”

-Álvaro Mutis-

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Gratitude allows you to forgive

Our life is full of relationships and moments that are not always so pleasant. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from toxic people so that we can have a good life and emotional health. Instead of distancing yourself angrily, be thankful that they were by your side and that they taught you.

Gratitude works here like a door. The more you are able to be thankful, the better you will be able to close the wound, forgive , and forget. You just have to start being thankful and you can prove it.

Gratitude has to be present in the good times and the bad

You cannot be thankful only in the good times and hope that the bad ones will disappear. Think about the experiences and these negative people as a path towards improvement. Both give you motivation, knowledge, and reasons to continue with what you should be grateful for.

“Gratitude is like that oriental liquor that is only kept in golden jars: it perfumes great souls and embitters small ones.”

-Jules Sandeau-

At first, it can be complicated to be thankful for the things that have hurt you, but you cannot forget that this is part of living and growing. Start being thankful and you will see the results… Take a chance!

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