How to Heal the Wound of Rejection

How to Heal the Wound of Rejection

Last update: 20 January, 2016

Who isn’t familiar with the fear of rejection? This fear is probably with most of us every day, but we aren’t even aware of it. The issue lies in the unrealized truth that only we have the authority to reject or accept ourselves. No one should allow anyone else to reject them; that is our right, not theirs!

Even if we are conscious of this fear, we cannot deny or avoid the fact that our self-esteem is affected when someone else rejects us. We become more susceptible. We isolate ourselves from others and even stop caring for ourselves. 

“I take rejection like someone playing a trumpet in my ear, waking me up and getting me going, instead of telling me to go away.” 

-Sylvester Stallone- 

Today, you will learn how to heal the would of rejection. It is a wound that often causes you to give that which you have received. In other words, you will do everything possible to be rejected, because that is what you know.

man looking at birds rejection

Take care of yourself

Rejection is unavoidable, but you can decide whether or not to accept that rejection. You need to be able to  appreciate and value yourself, and invest in yourself. You can continue on as you are. Changing is difficult and maybe you feel rather insecure. However, which do you prefer: to reject rejection, or keep on accepting it? You are the only one who can make that decision; no one can take that from you.

Rejection weakens you and makes you susceptible to ailments like depression. You should look at yourself and know very well who you are. Forgive yourself! Everyone makes mistakes, but that does not justify that others reject you.

Never let the fact that you have been rejected turn you into the first to pay with the same coin. You are worth more. Discover yourself, value yourself, and give yourself the appreciation you deserve…

“People cannot give you acceptance or value. You must give it to yourself. Don’t let anyone else leave scar your heart.” 

-Bernardo Stamateas- 

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Speak well of yourself

It is much easier to see things, both the good and the bad, in other people. However, what happens when you shine that light on yourself? That is when you run into a wall. Begin to speak well of yourself today by taking this simple advice:

  • State your strong points
  • Determine that today is your best day
  • Think about how whatever comes out of your mouth can cure you or hurt you
  • Transform your internal dialogue into something positive

Today is the day and the moment in which you should begin to speak well of yourself so you can recover who you are and make each day better and better. Rejection causes discomfort, anxiety, and makes you feel like you are not worth anything. But whatever others say to you or however they respond to you does not define you! Being sure of yourself is the first step. Walk with your head held high in the face of any rejection you may have to confront.

Give yourself the best 

In order to begin to appreciate yourself, you should give yourself the best. When you eat, eat the best food. When you get dressed, dress nicely, in your favorite clothes. Appreciate yourself, be generous to yourself, and reward yourself continuously. You should take good care of yourself; you are the only one who truly can. To make this much easier, also give yourself the opportunity to surround yourself with people who are real positive influences for you.

Seek out the company of those who add value to your life and not those who diminish it. Surround yourself with people who boost your self-esteem, and who do not put you down. The positive people with whom you surround yourself will allow you to be your best self, and passionately be your who you truly are and who you were always afraid to be.

“Congratulations is nice and approval is useful, but don’t work to seek the approval of others, doing that will divert you from your true objective and goal.” 

-Bernardo Stamateas-

So, in your search for freedom from rejection and the healing of your emotional wounds, don’t fall for seeking approval which could cause you do fall into even worse situations.

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Seek only your own approval. Support yourself with others in order to propel yourself forward, and not to simply adjust to their ways. Investing in yourself and valuing yourself as a person will be the first important step to starting to take care of yourself. It will be the first step towards living without the fear of rejection.

Images courtesy of Mandy Tsung, Jeremiah Ketner, and Pascal Campion

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