15 Signs You've Found the Love of Your Life

15 Signs You've Found the Love of Your Life

Last update: 21 February, 2022

You have surely asked yourself that big question: is he/she the love of my life?

It can be hard to explain what you feel when you discover that you are in love. But one thing is always clear: all of us generally share the feeling of being in paradise when we are with the person we love, with whom we have fallen in love.

“You are in love when you realize the other person is unique”
-Jorge Luis Borges-

We live in a society that views love as an idealistic concept, that pushes us to a point where we cannot recognize it when it is present in our lives. Love is such a precious emotion and feeling that you cannot let it escape once it happens. So, I invite you to read on and discover if he/she is the love of your life with the help of these 15 signs. Are you experiencing more than one of these?:

1- You stop thinking about your ex. When you find true love everything else becomes secondary. You feel like you are on cloud nine, and you are secure in your feelings. You do not feel fear because you are aware that the person at your side would never hurt you.

Without fear, doubt does not exist. The only things that exist are your enjoyment of the moment and the person that you love. Exes only appear in your memories as a necessary learning experience in your life and opportunity to keeping growing. Nothing more.

2- You do not have to talk constantly. Love is safety, trust, and authenticity. You feel comfortable, loved, and silence becomes your best friend because you can fill your hearts and communicate everything with just a glance.

3- They make you feel good. When we love, we are clearing a path together through empathy and mutual respect. The pursuit of happiness for everyone in a relationship inspires them to make you feel better when you are not feeling well. Just seeing them fills your heart.

man and woman lying side by side

4- You feel free to be yourself without holding back. Equally in the good times as in the bad times, their opinion of you has not changed. Judgement disappears from your emotional vocabulary and a “What will they say?” turns into an “I love you.” Nothing else matters.

5- There is no jealousy or anger. They know that you have chosen to share your love with them and them alone. The security of your relationship has already been demonstrated many times, so jealousy and anger no longer have a place.

6- They freely make you their priority. Their love leads them to do things for you that they would not do for anyone else freely and sincerely. They will accompany you where you need them as much as you would for them. Anywhere that you both are will be full of peace and wellness.

Any activity gladly and sincerely becomes a share done. They are always with you when you most need them to be without you having to ask. Support is the best gift you will give to and receive from them.

couple sharing a milkshake

                 “I love to love and not to be loved, since nothing pleases me more than to see you happy.”
-George Sand-

7- They understand the importance of family. They go with you to visit family members, and they always do it happily and with a smile. They know that your family is important to you and plays an important role in your life. And they want to share your life.

8- They know what is important to you. Important things and issues that need addressed as they relate to your relationship’s welfare are easily and naturally solved. You do not have to worry about constantly making them see your needs as a person. They strive to discover them by themselves and to make you feel good.

9- You don’t expect them to be different. Did you expect them to have every single one of the characteristics you were looking for? Of course not. You have found a person that is as different physically as they are emotionally. And that is why you fell in love with them. For their entire person. Everything else does not matter.

10- Words cannot describe it. It does not matter how many time you say “I love you.” You could say it a thousand times and it would still not be enough. Your love for them is so great that your heart glows more and more every day. You love them.

11- You never stop laughing. You are unapologetically yourself and feel free, and you enjoy and learn from every moment you live together. You come to understand each other so well that every joke and situation turns into a moment full of fun and enjoyment. You probably have so many inside jokes that make no sense to other people but make you both laugh uncontrollably.

couple hugging

12- They are your Number One Fan.  They always tell you how great you are as a person. How beautiful, smart, and strong you are on the inside (and the outside!). They are always there when you need a little boost, and their support is one of the best you could ever hope for.

13- They know you like no one else does. You have complete trust between the two of you and you want them to really know you. You feel free, even excited, to tell them everything about what you are and what you want to be.

14- You admire them for their personality and their heart.  You have been thinking for a while that they are the most wonderful person that you have ever met and they inspire you to be a better person than you already are. Loving another makes us better people, and makes us capable of doing everything we want and desire.

15- It is the first time you have felt this way. You have surely felt from the first days of your relationship that it is different from any other you have had. Can you explain how you feel? Don’t worry, I know it can be hard to choose the right words. But therein lies the magic! They are the love of your life, the magic of your existence.

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