Everything Will Fall into Place

Everything Will Fall into Place

Last update: 28 July, 2022

How excessively do we worry? When are we not thinking about how we will do in our new job, how our child will do in school when the time comes, or how things are going in our marriage? How often do we arrive late to an event, having drawn our own catastrophic conclusions, only to discover that, in the end, everything falls into place in a much simpler way than we expected?

Sometimes our mind runs much faster than we would like. What we really need to do is incorporate the idea of a slow lifestyle into our ways of thinking so we can stay more present in our busy, stressful lives.

Stop thinking so much! In the end, everything works out and everything will come to its proper place. As an old saying goes, “Everything can be fixed, except death.” So let your mind rest a little bit and not try to mentally push time when all we have to do is let it do its job. If we decide to see matters in a different light, then we will definitely be able to work them out in the end.

Maybe you’re unemployed, single, and nothing is going right at home. If you have lost work, love, stability — in other words, your “North” —  don’t worry. The compass of life will help you find your path again. Everything will find its place. After a storm, the sun always comes out.

Life is like a river. Sometimes we are at the top, starting in the mountains with strength and enthusiasm, but without knowing the path that awaits us. Other times, we have to pass through parts that are filled with rocks and other obstacles. Other times, we have done everything, and have reached the sea, only to start another different and uncertain path all over again.

We are always filling ourselves with worries, many of which are unnecessary. These worries are caused by situations of anxiety and stress, and are bad for both the body and the mind. Let’s not worry; the river makes its way carving its path little by little, without needing to look for it or continuously think about it.

Someone I know was very seriously ill and close to death after becoming sick quite suddenly. She was a young and healthy person but, because of the unpredictable nature of life, what was going to be one of the happiest events of her life turned, for a few days, into a real nightmare for herself and her loved ones.

In that moment, I understood that if we had lost her, that would have been a true tragedy, and those moments are the only moments in which we should truly worry. Everything else, our daily concerns and fears, will fall into place…like a puzzle whose picture we discover piece by piece. We all have personal puzzles, and we should confront them calmly and slowly.

From now on, I think we should all try to relax a little bit more in our daily lives. If we miss the bus, we will just have to arrive late; if lunch can’t be ready at 2 o’clock on the dot, then it will be ready at 2:30; if the bank is closed, we will go back tomorrow; if we make a mistake at work, we will make up for it the next day; if we have a disagreement with someone, maybe tomorrow we can approach it differently, or at least approach each other with respect.

But we will not let our pillow be the company of our misery, there to remind us in our dreams of the worries and fears that have already overwhelmed us through the day… because everything will fall into place.

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