Love Letter to My Companion in Life

Love Letter to My Companion in Life

Last update: 29 March, 2022

You mean more to me than words can express. The arms that care for me and the whispers that give me life.

Because we make a great team and because we are much more than that. In us dwells the passion of lovers, the frenzy of sweethearts, and the commitment of marriage. You and I will always be children, slightly adolescent, and, at times, the type of adults guilty of serious-mindedness. But, above all else, we are companions in life.

I love you enough to invite you to spend one of these afternoons stepping on dried leaves. I love you enough to go for a walk and talk about love as we kick pebbles. I love you enough to laugh our heads off, drunk on nothing, and leisurely wander the streets.

I love you enough to go with you to the places I visit the most and tell you that it is here that I sit and think of you. I love you enough to listen to your laugh all through the night. I love you enough to never let you go.

I love you with the passion of true, old-fashioned love, with the soul and never looking back.”

Jaime Sabines. Mexican poet

You are the best mattress for my falls. My coat in the winter. A breath of fresh air in hellish moments. My sun and my stars, the same ones that fill me with life.

Sun and moon

This is the reason why you can count on me. Not up to two or up to ten, but count on me. On my shield, my sword, and all my chivalry.

There is a different language between you and I, with special words and phrases, made exclusive and in special confidence.

I miss you often but not too much. This makes you marvelously special. With you I think, I speak, I cry, I laugh, I dream, and I dance to the sound of any melody. We are our past, our present, and our future.

We are perfectly imperfect

Only you and I know how to be together from afar.

Together we are perfectly imperfect, not because we don’t have problems; but rather because we knew how to resolve them. And because love has its ups and downs…This is why you have to know how to enjoy it to the fullest, working together to overcome our crises and our conflicts.

Naturally, I don’t adore all of your faces. I don’t even adore mine, that would be a bit of madness! But there is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and that is being able to go through any stage of life by your side.

You get mad, I get mad, and sometimes, we fail one another. Sometimes we don’t keep our promises like we should, but we know how to grow together by overcoming our imperfections.

You hold me tight and I’ll cling to you

“For when I caressed you, I realized that I had lived my entire life with empty hands.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Both my voice and yours. And my inner child. This tenderness that I have only for you and our moments together. We both know that if something sustains us, it is the complicity of the small, everyday things. This is what a loving relationship is made of.

If your world falls apart, come to mine and we will build it up again. If my world falls apart, I will go to yours and we will rebuild it. That’s how it works.

Painting my heart with love

I love you to the depths of your defects

Because our relationship is grounded in acceptance. You are one-of-a-kind and that makes you exceptional. Because if I wasted my time doing parallel studies, I couldn’t enjoy the present with you.

I’m not looking for my desires in you nor do I want you to fill my voids. We are both full and complete people. Changing and maturing together is an infinite pleasure.

And no, I don’t need you, but I do prefer you, and I choose you to enjoy the landscape together. Because that is love, caring without depending, and feeling loved. Loving without emotional prisons and with the limits that chance imposes upon us.

And my desire for you does not go away, it grows.

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