Youth Is Not a Time of Life, It's a Spirit

Youth Is Not a Time of Life, It's a Spirit
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Never get tired of saying it: accumulating youth is an art, a gift. The gift of being able to rip off the pages on a calendar with strength and gather up a series of reasons to maintain a youthful spirit every day.

Accumulated youth is something that makes you look at life in a fiery but reflective way, alternating between being content with where we are and missing the past. All the while seeing things very clearly.

With age, you not only gain a wrinkled face, but also the ability to be strong and resistant. You gain the nobility of someone who contemplates their day to day accomplishments with a maturity reflected in the smile lines they have accumulated.

old woman holding flower

Don’t mourn growing old, it’s a privilege denied to many

Growing old while accumulating youth is a great achievement, because it implies learning to protect your identity and kiss your defeats with fortitude. Also, accumulating youth means building paths and sowing the fields you have fertilized in order to build the garden of your castle.

You’ve learned throughout your whole life, how to choose the best alternative to resolve your problems, how to put yourself in another’s shoes or how to be more flexible to adapt to change.

Accumulated youth makes you resistant to the pains of the past and lets you enjoy the future, grooming time in order to create it the best way possible.

We can’t mourn the passing of time, that’s crazy. Why would we deny ourselves the opportunity to live?

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How old am I?

I’m at that age where you look at things more calmly, but with the interest to keep growing.

I’m at that age where you start caressing your dreams with your fingertips and your illusions become hope.

I’m at that age in which love sometimes is a crazy flare, anxious to be consumed in the fire of a desired passion. And other times, it’s a haven of peace, like a sunset on the beach.

How old am I? I don’t need a number to define it, because with the yearnings I’ve achieved, the tears I’ve shed along the way due to broken dreams and hopes…

They’re worth much more than a number.

Who cares if I’m turning twenty, forty, or sixty!?
What matters is the age I feel.

I’m the age I need to be to live freely and fearlessly.
To keep going along the path unafraid, because I carry with me the experience I have acquired and the strength of my desires.

How old am I? Who cares?!
I am the age needed to let go of fear and do what I want and feel.

-José Saramago-

old woman and daughter

Between youth and old age there’s a moment called life

Youth (accumulated or not) has no age, but it’s a moment that passes much too quickly. That’s why we need to take advantage of it by leading a life with a constantly challenging rhythm.

With time you’ll learn that tolerance is the best religion and that you can’t write your story twice. So, you should think about it before writing it down unless you want yours filled with erase marks.

We’re aged even more by the cowardice of not creating our own map due to the fear of making mistakes. Thinking in the present and not in the past is a way of accumulating youth, and with it the tranquility of someone who knows they’ve learned.

That’s why sometimes the years become a balm for the aches of the soul. Aches that take us years to take on and which we have to heal to avoid being destroyed.

man and boy walking

Thanks to the maturity that accumulated youth provides we’ll know that what truly makes you family is loyalty, and that distance only prevents physical hugs, but not psychological ones.

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