You're Invited into My Life, But You're Not Obligated to Stay

You're Invited into My Life, But You're Not Obligated to Stay

Last update: 27 June, 2016

I’ve learned over the years that people come and go in life. It used to hurt to think about this, and I wasn’t prepared to accept it. But now I invite people into my life, but I don’t obligate them to stay. I finally understand that everyone follows their own path.

Sometimes those paths converge for long stretches, only to completely separate later. There are also paths that constantly converge and separate. And finally, there are those that never join again, but they leave a lasting memory.

For some time, and after various disappointments, I closed all doors and avoided anyone who wanted to come into my life. But one day I discovered that I was emotionally starving.

I welcome you into my life so I can get to know your perspective

When I let you into my life, I’m not just adding another contact to my contact list. I’m giving myself the opportunity to see life through your point of view. My perspective is enriched by your experiences, your challenges, and your dreams. With one touch, you trigger a profound change in me, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

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In exchange, I will contribute anything I have to you. I can’t give any more because I’m limited by my experiences and my history. It’s a good way to combat depression, to find optimism, and to adopt refreshing ideas.

Discovering that I still have the ability to hope

Everyone has an individual life with unique experiences. Even people who have lived through the same thing have very different perspectives. But when I let you into my life, I find new reasons to hope. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, because in some way or another, you bring hidden surprises with you.

You could turn out to be the love of my life, my best friend, or the friend I get drinks with. Maybe you’re just someone I happened to meet and hang out with for a few months. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you brought me hope. 

You let me find new opportunities

Another benefit of letting you into my life is that you show me new opportunitiesYou help me appreciate the things I have in my life. You might not see it at first or believe it completely, but you have a lot to contribute to this relationship.

The same opportunity doesn’t usually pass through your life twice. So opening the door now is the greatest opportunity that we can have. 

You complete a part of the puzzle

It’s not that I let you into my life because I feel like I need a reason to live and laugh. And you won’t be the center of my life, because that role belongs to me. However, having you by my side lets me fill necessary spaces: friend, advisor, companion, accomplice, etc.

True, I’ve learned to live alone without feeling overwhelmed or sad. But I also discovered that I need to find a balance. I should learn to enjoy life alone, but also leave space for the company that you can offer me.


Whether you occupy the role of friend, partner, child, or one of my parents, you are able to complete a part of me. So I know that the day you leave, you will leave an empty space that’s impossible to fill, but it will have been worth it because of all that we created together.

It will be worth it even if you disappoint me

I know that there are risks involved with letting you into my life. You could be a toxic person who hurts me, on purpose or not. You could also take advantage of who I am, what I have, or what I could be. Of course these things make me a little afraid, because after all, nobody enjoys suffering.

But I’ve decided to take risks and dare to move past my fears. I think that even the worst person that you could be has something valuable to contribute, and I’m prepared to discover what that is. Are you ready to come into my life? Will you let me into yours?

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