In a World Where Nothing Is Guaranteed, Anything Is Possible

In a World Where Nothing Is Guaranteed, Anything Is Possible

Last update: 25 December, 2016

We come into this world with the innocence of someone who knows nothing and expects everything. Our parents guide us, with more or less success, in those early days where the future looks practically perfect. As if tinted by a thousand colors and waiting,  just within the reach of our fingertips.

However, as we mature and grow, a part of that spell begins to dissipate. You start experiencing your first disappointments, and understand what it truly means to become an adult. Nobody offers something for nothing, and no one can guarantee our happiness but ourselves.

The world turns on it’s rusty wheels of time, handing out destinies along the way. Some believe that we all come attached with our fate predetermined, but this isn’t the case.  In this complex life, everything is possible as long as we believe it to be so. If we continue to dream, and have faith and courage, anything can happen.

Some people walk through life, being careful not to step outside of the lines and boundaries that others have created for them. I’m talking about the patterns that we have been taught to follow, and the need to meet certain expectations – to not disappoint or fail others.

At times, we limit ourselves to living lives that are determined by other people, because this is how we come to feel safer. However, no one can be happy carrying other people’s chains, and living the life others have in mind for them. Hence, it is worth remembering that everything is possible as long as you allow it – we invite you to reflect on this today.

Everything is possible for one who is free of internal battles

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Each of us have our own personal histories. It may be that by this stage of life, you’ve already written more than one chapter of disappointments, failures and even disillusions.

You’re very aware of all the battles that you have fought, of the shapes and sizes of your internal scars, but only those who are able to assume and accept them, instead of carry their weight, will be able to find new opportunities.

Perhaps we could say that second chances are only available to those who believe in them. However, those who close off their hearts with a seal of bitterness and resentment are only hurting their personal growth, and their opportunity to find happiness.

Regaining faith in yourself

The world is complex. In fact, it is so complex that it occasionally likes to be quite unfair. However, we must not make the mistake of attributing everything that happens to us to fate.

The world can be complex, but you alone are responsible for weaving the blanket of your life. Among all the chaos that you have lived through, among all the disappointments, it is very possible that at some point, you may have stopped believing in yourself.

People stop believing in their abilities and courage when their thoughts become noise, like a tuneless piece of music, full of negative emotions.

How can one go about harmonizing those thoughts, again? By changing attitudes, turning around those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, and becoming aware of ourselves.

You are going through a difficult time. But you are not your pain, and you do not deserve to live chronically in a world of disappointment and dejection. Nurture new illusions, and open internal doors so you may find the key that will tear down all those outer walls

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Living in a complex world

We have many, many responsibilities to fulfill, goals to achieve, people to tend to and needs to fill. Our lives can become so complicated at times, that little by little, we begin losing our way and our inner balance.

In the tireless day to day of life fades, we lose part of our essence, of the spontaneity of our being. We must learn to set priorities, and the highest priority of all, especially: yourself.

We must not forget something as important as this: if you are not in a good place, your universe will not be in a good place, either. What’s more, you won’t be able to make others happy. In this world, everything is possible as long as you are in balance with your essence, your values and your emotions.

No one should impose something upon that you don’t desire, and you should never put your happiness in other people’s hands. Any manipulation, any infringement on your self-esteem, will immediately break the “synergy” which we should all get to enjoy.

Allow yourself what you need. Sometimes, you have to set aside what you feel in order to remember what you deserve. Today you may feel pained, but remember that you deserve much more than daily doses of suffering. You deserve to dream and be yourself every single day of your life.

In this complex, unruly and chaotic existence, we always require an internal equilibrium. Remember that everything is possible as long as you believe that it is.

Images courtesy of Anne Julle-Aubry


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