15 Tips to Overcome Love’s Disappointment

15 Tips to Overcome Love’s Disappointment

Last update: 21 February, 2022

She feels totally disappointed, she is no longer happy with him, she doesn’t know why. Where is that person that she fell in love with? Why does he behave like that, with that indifference that hurts her so? There is nothing more painful than indifference. She would even prefer for him to argue with her like he used to, but now there is nothing, not even arguments.

Love hurts, and it hurts deep in the soul and in the heart when it is not returned. It is a distinct paint, different from all others. It is love’s disappointment.

However, we all know what it is. We have all gone through that sensation that seems like it will never go away. But it does go away, and even though we might think that we will never believe in love again, love shows up again when we least expect it and always in the most casual way, because love is never sought, it is always found .

But what can we do to overcome love’s disappointment?

  1. Accept the situation. In life, there are countless situations that leave us no other option that to accept them, and life is just like that. When we start accepting the things that happen to us, we stop fighting against them and we can start overcoming them.
  2. Let that person go. Do not insist on what cannot be. If that person does not want to be with you, let them go; otherwise, you would fall into the grasps of an obsession that can only lead to bad things.
  3. Take your time. Do not lose hope. You will have slumps. Memories of that person will invade your mind, but always remember, “Give time a chance.”
  4. Cry as much as you need to. With our tears, we unload all the sadness that we are carrying inside. Tears are an amazing remedy for cleaning our souls out. We will feel much more calm and relaxed if we decide to let go of all our pain forever through those tears.
  5. Do activities that enrich you. Keeping your mind occupied is very important. Do activities that you have always enjoyed. Reading, writing, painting, doing sports, handicrafts…
  6. Try not to prolong the interior monologue around that person. It is true that when we go through these times, that person forces their way into our heads. But tell them enough is enough! Try it over and over again. Surely it will work in the end.
  7. Listen to music. Music relaxes, energizes, and awakens endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones. So when you are in a slump, put on some really loud music and dance!
  8. Reflect, forgive. Force the pain to help you learn. Just by living, we learn to live. Take it as one more experience in your life that has served to enrich you. Forgive yourself and forgive him if you hurt one another. Pain does nobody any good, it just ends up hurting you.
  9. Lean on the people whom you love the most. At these times, it is good to surround yourself with the people that you know really love you. A hug, some laughs, and a conversation can soothe you a lot.
  10. Start from zero. The pain gone, “the slate wiped clean,” life goes on and there are countless marvelous things still waiting to be experienced. Nip it in the bud with that person. Do not read their emails, get rid of all their photographs. Sometimes, it is just necessary to get away as soon as possible so that you can forget. Maybe in the future you can be friends, maybe not, but for the time being, if you want to forget, get rid of all the reminders.
  11. Help yourself through writing. Often, writing down these feelings is a good way to unburden ourselves. There are even people who write themselves a letter that they later burn. It is a symbolic act that has meaning for us, that we are breaking away from this relationship and leaving it behind.
  12. Take better care of your health than ever. When we are sad, our immune system is affected. Maintain a good diet; do not forget about this and start giving into cravings like chocolate or candy.
  13. If they left you for another person, never compare yourself with them. “Comparisons are hateful.” This sentence sums it up perfectly.
  14. Meet new people. Oftentimes, we realize that we had focused our lives so much on him or her that we had not noticed the countless amazing people in the world. We are not talking just about possible partners, but about friends, people to have a good conversations, good times, laughter and jokes with.
  15. Read an article or book that can help you. We hope that we could help you with this little article if you are going through one of those situations, but the least we can do is give you all the strength and encouragement in the world.


“When one door closes, another one opens.”

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