We Are What We Submit Ourselves To

We Are What We Submit Ourselves To

Last update: 05 February, 2017

Tell me what you submit yourself to and I’ll tell you who you are. Because only those things in life that are truly important define you as a person , as a human being, and as a soul that belongs to this world which we create from day to day. This is why we are what we submit to.

However, make no mistake, because there are a lot places where we can focus our energy and, unfortunately, not all of them are positive. If we look closely at our surroundings, we will see people who give everything for their great love of their family and neighbors…but also for the money, the fame, the ambition and the power

Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are many people who are only passionate about making a profit, regardless of the fact that an end doesn’t always justify a means, and that it is harming a great number of people along the way.

However, there are still people who give everything they have for what they believe in, and they believe in goodness, solidarity, friendship, love, brotherhood, equality…and an infinite number of other positive qualities.

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.”
-Thomas Szasz-

Why are we defined by what we submit ourselves to?

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I’d like to take this moment to give you a number of examples that, to a greater or lesser extent, we have all seen in our surroundings, and which reflect that humans are defined by what they are passionate about.

If you submit yourself to money…

Perhaps you have noticed this in your immediate surroundings, in your friends and family, or perhaps in the media. There are a great number of dedicated people who have submitted themselves to money. Their only obsession in life is to amass wealth, ignoring those in need along the way, in order to to make more and more each day.

This type of person is easy to identify, because their ambition is always palpable and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Which, rather than goals, seem like a complete obsession.

If you submit yourself to love…

However, there are other beings around us who have decided to submit themselves to love. They give everything for the people they love, and this defines them as people with free souls, caring spirits, humble hearts and little to hide.

It is not easy to find a person who has submitted themselves to love, because they don’t go showing it left and right. They are humble, quiet and cautious. They prefer to not give people something to talk about, and instead choose to go about their business.

If you submit yourself to power…

On our journey through life, we may also find those who have surrendered themselves to power.  Their unique and ultimate ambition in life is to be increasingly important and have the power to handle their peers’ destinies.

These people are easily identifiable because they are often insecure and need constant reassurance, which they obtain by way of control and power. They think everything in their environment is treacherous, are disappointed and believe that everything will fall apart if they are not in charge.

If you submit yourself to kindness…

In contrast, there are caring people who have decided to give their lives to others. Without looking at who or what you are, they will give you what you need without asking for anything in return. This is their way of life and they only feel happy by giving away a small part of their being to others who cannot find their way.

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These people do not tend to attract excessive attention, however, they are always around us, constantly offering a piece of their being if it helps make someone even just a little bit happier.

     “There is no greater satisfaction than to look back and realize that one has grown in self-control, judgment, generosity and selfless actions.”
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox-

Everyone submits themselves to something

Sooner or later, we all find our way in life, and decide what to submit ourselves to and where our passions lie. Whether it’s physical assets, those which generate an insurmountable amount of ambition, people, lies, love, or so on. They are simply paths we choose as we move forward, grow and form.

Anyway, remember that we are what we submit ourselves to, so I ask that you choose with patience, wisdom and knowledge, because not only are you depending on this, but so is everyone else who is in this joint project we call life.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.