We All Need Someone Who'll Take Care of Us

It is false to believe that "we can do everything alone." A friendly hand will always be needed to help us in moments of so much darkness.
We All Need Someone Who'll Take Care of Us

Last update: 03 April, 2024

We all need someone who will take care of us. But that doesn’t mean being completely dependent on them to feel good. It’s just better to recognize that when you can’t handle it all, when you’ve hit rock-bottom, or when things aren’t going very well, you need someone who’ll remind you who you are and what you’re capable of.

These are people who can remind you that you’re more than just your circumstances. Mistakes happen sometimes, that’s that. These special people are like guardian angels who give you wings to fly over the debris of your crumbling life.

They may even be like the voice of your conscience, like your Jimmy Cricket, if you fly too high and start to get burned by the heat of your own success. They’re like your foundation, your balance, the yin to your yang.

A friend is someone who tries to help you up when you’ve fallen down. If you can’t get up they’ll sit down next to you to listen and let you know that no matter what happens you’re not alone.

When times are tough, you need someone to take care of you

It’s not usually too hard to find people you can have a good time with. Going out for drinks, shopping, to a movie, or for a coffee isn’t much of a sacrifice. But true friends are the ones who stick around when you might not exactly be the most pleasant company.

We’re talking about the times when you break into tears and curse at the world. The afternoons when nothing you do, say, or hear can make you feel better. That’s why these are the times when you really value their intimacy. It’s when you appreciate a helping hand to pick up your pieces and carefully put them back together without you even realizing it.

We’re also talking about those long conversations full of complaining that you know are getting you nowhere. But the simple truth is that you need to let them out. We’re also talking about times when you laugh at how absurd it all is, and how afraid you are that things couldn’t be worse.

It’s the kind of good company you can only sum up with the words true friendship. The kind that can overcome anything, the kind that changes everything. The kind that’s so hard to find, but is so necessary. True friends are few and far between, but they’ll always be there for you richer or poorer.

Good friends talk straight when things are going good

Probably the least recognized value of friendship has to do with when things are good. It’s when the envy of people who don’t really love you shows up, and when you start feeling too proud of your success. These are the times when you think you’re invincible, the success goes to your head and you start to lose yourself.

This is exactly when that special person in your life, your true friend, will really help you. They’ll show you the harsh reality of things, cut the wings of your pride, and get your feet back down on the earth. T rue friends will always tell you the truth to your face. They’ll do it even when it hurts, because they know that you might not like it but you need it.

They know that you might react badly to what they tell you. But they also know you won’t forget that they’re truly just concerned for your well-being. Of course they don’t do it to hurt you; it’s completely the opposite. They do it so you won’t fall down so hard, or to help you gather up enough motivation to finally take the leap.

That’s why we all need someone who’ll take care of us. Because you’re your own worst enemy when things are going terribly as well as when they’re going really well. It’s because you need someone to keep you from losing control before you self-destruct.

It’s because no one is perfect, and when you’re all by yourself, you make your flaws out to be much worse than they are… Lastly, i t’s because a life shared with a special person is a life truly worth living, from beginning to end.

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