The Only Way To Get To The Other Side Is By Changing Your Path

The Only Way To Get To The Other Side Is By Changing Your Path

Last update: 13 March, 2017

There is no way to find a path that makes us happy without us beginning to learn how to manage and jump over the stones that distort our trajectory. These obstacles stay right in the middle and we stumble over them more than once, even when we try to get out of where we are and go to the other side. This is because we have become obsessed with going backwards: we continue to have our feet anchored to this path that has done us so much harm, rather than take another one that will allow us to move forward. However, the difficulty of doing it is seems logical because even the most gentle rain, if it wets, is noticed.

Looking back alone for duplicates

It costs a great effort on our part to get the past to only be one place to look to and know that we are no longer the same. It is very difficult for us to sit a down to reflect and realize that we can no longer see what used to be with our perspective from today because the world goes on and we must continue with it.

“She was not afraid of difficulties: what frightened her was the obligation of having to choose a path. Choosing a path meant abandoning others.”

-Paulo Coelho-

learn from your past and move towards your future 2

Theoretically, it is easy to tell someone: you just have to forget about it and move on. In practice, it is complicated to tell yourself the same words. We are the ones who have felt it and we know how much that means to leave those sores in a drawer of unused memories.

Because the truth is that the most beneficial thing we can do when the road sets the same obstacles for us over and over again, is to leave those memories only for our memory. Not double or triple them so that what has hurt us isn’t repeated and, if so, we know how to get out of such a painful circle.

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The new road is not made in one day

Make your way to walk or find a new one. The simile is different but the objective of the message is common: you need to be brave and move on, but that will have to happen at the right time according to the intensity of the bitter experiences we have had.

Leaving the past aside involves healing wounds, and wounds also need a time to heal and scar. The emotional blockages that are caused as a result of them force us to stop in our tracks and re-recognize ourselves. Only in this way will we be able to create new relationships or be happy with what we do.

In this sense, we feel unprotected when we discover that our truths are continually modified and that sooner or later we all are forced to lose to keep winning: with time, constantly, little by little.

“By walking the path is made

and by looking back over

the path he sees the path that

will never be walked again .”

-Antonio Machado-

woman looking window

The decision is in your hands

The only reality is that, even if it involves a challenge, the decision to change the road is in our hands because no one else will do it. After much sacrifice, only then can we feel free and full new principles will come and we will be open to surrender to them.

Certainly, being prepared is half the battle and that means that there will come a day when wanting to switch sides will lead us right to it. We will build new emotions and if we’re wrong in doing so, we’ll remember how we were able to overcome it the other times.

In the end there will be wakes in the sea, meaning that what we have experienced will become part of us and will no longer be obstacles. The new road will be the proof that we need to pay a price for our emotional well-being and sometimes this comes in the form of sharp curves and potholes that we must learn to maneuver.

“Where there is a tree to plant, plant it.

Where there is an error to amend, amend it.

Where there is an effort that everyone avoids, you do it.

Let it be you who moves the stone from the path. “

-Gabriela Mistral-

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