Toxic Friends Steal Your Happiness

September 9, 2017

Toxic friends are not good for the soul, the spirit or even for our health. If we have friends who sap all our energy they may well be toxic friends who are trying to steal our happiness. And anyone who robs us of our happiness should quite simply not be in our lives, because they will only end up hurting you sooner or later. Do you have toxic friends in your life?

To find out if other people are stealing your happiness you will need to respect yourself and ultimately think about what is best for you. Your true friends will be those who support you, those who make you grow as a person and those who make you feel good. They’ll never deflate you or make you feel bad.

If you are not sure whether you are surrounded by toxic people, you should start evaluating how you feel when you are close to those people. Below you will find some classes of toxic friends that can easily steal your happiness, and we’ll point out characteristics that best define them.

“Despise the opinion of the toxic people, be free of the criticism and you will be free from every one of his words and actions. Do not idealize. Do not expect anything from anyone”
-Bernardo Stamateas-

The friend that uses you

There are those toxic friends who only write when they need you or call you to ask a favor, and it’s possible that when you talk to these people you feel used. If a friend just calls you or remembers you when they need a favor is then he or she is not really your friend.

However, if we are honest, to some extent we do sometimes use our friendships for our benefit, but that does not have to be frowned on necessarily, as long as the value of the relationship is appreciated and there is a close bond between you. If your friend only asks for favors and does not improve the well-being of both of you, then this person has no place in your life.

The negativist friend

Honesty is a rare quality and this has nothing to do with negativism. But, when a friend always tells you that you will not be able to do something, that everything is wrong or he only sees the negative side, then it certainly is a problem.
It is not bad to have a friend who speaks to you sincerely, is bold and points out things in your life that may be wrong – sometimes hurt is needed in order to heal, just like the sting of alcohol when it is cleaning the wound. However, someone who constantly does that can end up harming you.

 “I love humanity, what I don’t like are the people”
-Mafalda (from Quino) –

The complaining friend

It is true that everyone can have a bad day (even the most positive people also have their gray days) and that sometimes complaining is a good way – if it is something occasional – to channel the bad energies. But the friends who really make us grow do not spend their day doing this.

People who are always whinging, instead of taking charge of their own lives and trying to change the things that don’t make them feel good, prefer to blame others for what happens to them and don’t stop mourning about what might have been. These kind of people will even try to blame you for your own setbacks, making you feel bad and stealing your happiness, don’t give them that power!

Those that criticize everything

If someone is continually criticizing your life, your way of dressing or anything else in your life then it is not a good sign. There is a big difference between making constructive criticism and criticizing with malice.

People who are accustomed to criticizing don’t normally take long before they let this attitude spread to other areas of their lives. However, there is a curious paradox: those who specialize in criticism of others do not usually specialize in criticism of themselves.

So, if you have a friend who criticizes you for all of the plans you have and the projects you undertake, he likely has specialized in criticizing everything he doesn’t like about himself. He transfers his discontent with the world on to you; somehow you are the escape route for his frustrations as you are one of your closest people to him.

“Observe the cynical people and you’ll often find out that they are lacking in much.”
-George Patton-

Understand that by definition, a friend is someone who does us good, who helps us and who inspires us. But he or she is also someone we trust and to whom we give the benefit of the doubt, for the simple fact that we regard them in this way. This is the ideal, but it often doesn’t happen that way – as we have seen – and there is usually someone close to us, disguised as a friend, who damages us continuously and deeply.