True Friendship Survives the Storms

True Friendship Survives the Storms

Last update: 22 June, 2017

Our friendship has gone through tough times, but faith in our love has helped us overcome them.

Now, I finally understand. True relationships may be tested by the circumstances. However, in the end, nothing and no one can come between them. There may be a pause, but the melody will follow and be stronger, more energetic, and more beautiful. 

When we hadn’t even thought about how strong we could be together, we removed all doubt. Then, we held hands and continued to embrace until the storm subsided. Our fears became our strengths.

The value of friendship

The truth is that I can say this thanks to the wonderful value of friendship. It’s a feeling of happiness and pride that you get from cultivating something eternal, pure and sincere. After all, there will never be a bond as unique as the one that lasts starting from childhood or within a family.

We’ve lived through everything and millions of things have happened to us. However, the value of friendship comes from sharing experiences and knowledge. It can’t exist separately and it’s strengthened together.

“Without realizing they, they had shaken hands and listened in silence. Each of the two knew that the other felt the same: the joy of having found a friend.”
-Michael Ende

Honest bonds shouldn’t be broken

With you, I have a strong desire for our honest bond to never be broken. You and I know better than anything that it wasn’t easy getting over the bump in the road. However, here we are, thankful that life has kept us on the same side.

Drama, fights, misunderstandings, little unimportant lies…they didn’t happen intentionally. We’re human. It’s normal that we’ve experienced this. However, despite this, we’ve learned to move forward together.

“Our most difficult task as friends is to offer understanding when we don’t understand.”
-Robert Braul

Do you remember when we had to face that tragic news? We did it together, hand in hand. We weathered the storm and were stronger because we had each other.

It’s you who taught me that forgiveness overcomes the actions that hurt even if they weren’t intended to. You’ve told me that love can be more than reproach, that empathy is stronger than pride, and that distance is simply a mirage in friendship.

To have a friend is also to be one

I know that what we have is possible because it’s true and we haven’t lost faith. Also, I know that one of the keys is that we know how to be friends with ourselves. After all, you can’t be friends with another person if you can’t be your own friend first.

Friends Watching Sunset Legs Dangling

Having a friend means being a friend, both with yourself and the other person. That’s what we do so well.

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be.”
-Douglas Pagels

We don’t need to thank each other. Loving each other and showing this love is enough. And we both know that there will be no storm, no event, no conflict that we can’t overcome together. 

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