Time Gives Sweet Ends to Bitter Difficulties

Time Gives Sweet Ends to Bitter Difficulties
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

When you least expect it, everything works out. Good things come into your life, you recover from a fall, you choose strength and get an upper hand on life. That’s why they say that time tends to give sweet ends to bittier difficulties.

Because after the storm always comes the calm that you wish for so feverishly when you’re in the middle of the hurricane. Then you understand that it’s not about going fast, but about arriving on time and taking it easy.

Because every event, no matter how negative it is, has a lesson in store for us that will help us find ourselves and trust in time again.

 “And when you least expect it, when you think everything is heading down a bad path, when your life that has programmed down to every last detail is going downhill, suddenly something unexpected happens…”

girls with giant colorful eggs

They say that he who waits gets desperate waiting. Though they also say that patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet. And this is exactly how we feel when time gives us a break and guides us towards an exit.

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