Time Gives Sweet Ends to Bitter Difficulties

20 October, 2016

When you least expect it, everything works out. Good things come into your life, you recover from a fall, you choose strength and get an upper hand on life. That’s why they say that time tends to give sweet ends to bittier difficulties.

Because after the storm always comes the calm that you wish for so feverishly when you’re in the middle of the hurricane. Then you understand that it’s not about going fast, but about arriving on time and taking it easy.

Because every event, no matter how negative it is, has a lesson in store for us that will help us find ourselves and trust in time again.

 “And when you least expect it, when you think everything is heading down a bad path, when your life that has programmed down to every last detail is going downhill, suddenly something unexpected happens…”
Federico Moccia
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Good things always arrive in the end

They say that he who waits gets desperate waiting. Though they also say that patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet. And this is exactly how we feel when time gives us a break and guides us towards an exit.

Good things always come to those who wait, who maintain their faith, who don’t slumber, who know how to enjoy the break and uncertainty in their desire. Because being patient is exactly that, not carrying your hope as a burden, but making it walk by your side gathering reasons to keep moving forward.

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We have to wait the longest for the things that are most worthwhile

The most beautiful things in the world need to cover themselves in waiting and create the enthusiasm that surrounds hope. Through this, our mind will generate the neccesary strength to convince our body.

Everything we strive for the most takes on a great deal of importance in our list of desires and longings. A complicated love affair, an inaccessible person, a position at work…So he who waits but doesn’t despair finds unexpected things. Life never tends to say “no”, no matter how much we think it does. It actually tends to say the word “wait”.

We tend to become impatient. We make mistakes and mess things up. Or the thin red string of life gets tangled in knots. During these moments we despair, and everything turns into darkness.

“Understanding yourself requires patience and tolerance; “I” is a book with many chapters, that can’t be read in a single day. However, when you start reading it, you must read every word, every phrase and every paragraph, because within them is the makings of a whole. The beginning is in itself the end. If you know how to read, you’ll be able to find supreme wisdom”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Everything passes, everything arrives and everything transforms

Everything we try to create will come to us in one way or another. That’s why we should keep in mind that pain is always temporary; in other words, nothing lasts forever.

So he who withstands and persists will win. But that’s why it’s necessary to trump speed and put a halt to our expectations. Let’s remember that if we rush, it’s we who will be unable to achieve our goals.

To keep this from happening to us we simply have to get used to the idea of managing our impatience. Here as some keys points to put into practice:

  1. Deep breathing is a great resource to use in order to reflect and offer your inner dialogue a pause.
  2. Reflect on the reasons that make you impatient. Don’t exaggerate, reorganize your priorities and think about them.
  3. Identify what usually makes you impatient. It can be people, situations or yourself. Being aware will help you relax.
  4. Answer this question sincerely: is your patience useful or on the contrary is it disabling you?
  5. Take your time, and expect the unexpected. No matter how much we plan, things may not go our way. That’s why you must accept that life doesn’t always go your way, but it always offers you the opportunity to decide.

Cultivate your patience, because if you wait the amount of time necessary, you’ll arrive at the precise correct moment at the finish line. Don’t get ahead of yourself, don’t be hasty. Manage your hope and trust in accordance to the fact that in life everything arrives, everything passes, and everything transforms.