The Enneagram: What Number are You? Maybe You're a Leader and Don't Know It

The Enneagram: What Number are You? Maybe You're a Leader and Don't Know It
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

If you have a friend who’s into the enneagram, you’ve probably heard something like, oh you’re definitely a 2.” Most likely you had your doubts about it, or maybe dismissed classifications like that as not very scientific. Granted, we do live in a society that likes to put labels on everything.

But don’t misunderstand us. The enneagram is a scientifically rigorous approach with a firm foundation and relevant research. In fact, once you know your enneatype, some things will happen to you. The first is that you’ll feel an internal awakening. 

You’ll open up to the world around you and then you’ll take a step towards a second dimension. You’ll find yourself more capable of doing something amazing: to live your life in a way that makes you the creator of your own happiness.

Wake up, you’ve been asleep too long

The secret to happiness — happiness as a state of being and not a temporary feeling — is in knowing yourself better. That’s what the Enneagram Institute says, a personal growth resource and developer of various enneagram personality courses.

Well, you may immediately think that you don’t have the ability or time to embark on this journey, however necessary it is. But what if it’s time?

Closed eyes.

We’re asleep. We try to create happiness — blindly — out of whatever comes our way, thinking that’s what’s best for us. But this is a mistakeNo one can create a fulfilling life if they don’t start by clarifying what their passionstemperament, cognitive biases, and prevailing emotional strategies are. In other words, everything that forms the wonderful and occasionally chaotic canvas of our personality.

It’s time to wake up. It’s time to know yourself better. 

What is the enneagram?

The enneagram is a map of human nature that helps us know ourselves better. In turn we become better able to take firm, authentic, responsible control over our lives. This valuable personality test outlines nine basic behavioral patterns (enneatypes). 

What we have is an age old system of classification of human personality. It’s been reformulated over the centuries and is now an essential tool for psychologists, coaches, HR departments, and even actors who want to go deeper into their character.

  • We all have a specific place on this map of human nature. Learning what it is, being able to point it out, and understanding it will mark a before and after turning point in our lives.
  • Each person’s enneatype has its roots in childhood and doesn’t change over the course of our lives. 
  • Within the 9 enneatypes there are 27 subtypes.
  • Learning them and using them will help you start working on the right kinds of changes for your personality type, to reach your potential. If we don’t do, we’ll end up on the most neurotic, restrictive part of any enneatype.
The enneagram.

There is a number that defines you, and it will open doors

The number the enneagram gives you isn’t a label. Being the peacemaker, the artist, or the leader won’t box you in forever. Instead, it will give you a window you can look through to understand the world a little better, and then open up new windows.

  • You’ll understand that within each enneatype number there is a group of fears, insecurities, and restrictive attitudes that will hinder personal growth. But with the enneagram you’ll learn to identify your fears in order to overcome them. 
  • Each number has its own virtues. There are certain unique and distinctive abilities that only your enneatype has. With the enneagram, you’ll be able to enhance the strong points of your personality.
  • Another amazing thing this tool makes possible is getting to know other people better, and more safely. Self-knowledge makes it possible to identify which kinds of people will make us happiest. 
A mirror on a chair.

Knowing yourself better is easier than ever. Why not give it a try?

The enneagram is an interesting, useful, and effective test to bring about the changes we all need to be happier. The changes that will definitely need to start from within ourselves through self-knowledge.

Now then, the enneagram should be used wisely. It’s not enough to just know what number defines you. You have to understand it, separate out the subtypes, and process your emotions better.

The Enneagram Institute suggests we go deeper into the subject through the book, “The Wisdom of the Enneagram.” It has a practical, pleasant focus that always goes straight to the point. Because knowing ourselves, waking up inside, and making changes outside is easier than it’s ever been.

So tell us…what number are you?

Images courtesy of Chris Saunder

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