5 Virtues of Wise Women

5 Virtues of Wise Women

Last update: 23 July, 2017

It’s not that there is a group of wise women and another group of dumb women. Every woman, and every human being really, holds within her the seed of wisdom. What happens is that some people listen to the noise of those lessons, while others prefer to turn a deaf ear to that noise.

Let’s place the adjective of “wise” to those women who have managed to overcome the prejudice and false beliefs that revolve around feminism. Keep in mind that many societies brag about having given women a greater role. However, we all know that it’s a process that still isn’t complete. One which still has a long way to go. Unfortunately, the truth is that women all over the world keep confronting realities of indolence and discrimination.

“At all times in my life, there has been a woman that took me by the hand in the shadows of a reality that women know better than men, shadows through which they are better oriented.”
-Gabriel García Márquez-

There are many virtues that define wise women. However, here we give due relevance to 5 of them. It’s all about complex traits, that are solely achieved when the mind and heart have undergone a process of healthy evolution. They are as follows.

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