I Am Thankful for Scarcity Because Abundance Came from It

February 15, 2020

I was like an insect trapped in amber. Emptiness reigned in my heart, it was a drought. You fed me crumbs, with a love made of cobwebs, a house without furniture where plants were not watered.

However, in the end I appreciate your scarcity because I ran away from it to rediscover my own abundance. My strengths, my fullness …

From an emotional and even spiritual point of view, we can define abundance as a state of grace that reminds us that we have everything — or at least the majority of — what we want and need.

It’s like vibrating at the perfect frequency where your emotions are in tune with your thoughts.

Scarcity versus abundance


On the contrary, poverty or scarcity is a sadly common state of being where resistance is created. Where we lack the mental and emotional openness where positive and rewarding change happens.

Likewise, “poor” people, in addition to not having that internal, fulfilling harmony, usually have the subtle ability to project their emotional poverty onto those around them.

You very well may have experienced this at some point. Going through life with a figure of power with these characteristics (whether your partner, relative or even boss) creates a climate of absolute scarcity.

Almost without realizing it, we’re trapped in amber, the toxic resin lacking any nutrients, to the point of letting the basic nutrient of dignity go…


birds in a plentiful environment

The dynamics of scarcity, a very common state

If we ask now what is the main way to live in abundance, the answer couldn’t be any simpler: emotional generosity.

However, nothing is more difficult to put into practice. Nothing has more nuances and dark corners than the concept of “generosity”.

The reason? We are used to thinking only about our shortcomings and when we feel that “something is missing” it’s very hard to “offer something”.

Now, with emotional generosity, we’re not just talking about the act of opening ourselves up to others to connect with them, to comfort, carry their burden, or put happiness in someone else’s heart. We’re also talking about being “generous” with ourselves.

Many of us have come to that strange, reactionary and unhealthy stratum of our conscience where we do nothing but think about everything we don’t have, everything we lack. (I don’t feel appreciated, I don’t feel as loved as I deserve, they don’t value me at work, I feel alone and misunderstood …)

If we just widen those holes, we’re also planting the seed of frustration, depression and resentment. Thus, with all of this, what we actually achieve is to completely block the law of abundance.

We shouldn’t focus exclusively on what we lack, what hurts, what we don’t like … Let’s be brave and take the step to remember what we deserve, because that’s where authentic abundance lies.
scarcity and abundance

The law of abundance in romantic relationships

There are times in our relationships when we feel full. When, as William Blake said, we see the universe in a grain of sand, the sky in a wild flower and the infinite in the palm of our hand.

That is, without a doubt, abundance. It’s the perfect balance, where your emotions and mine, your dreams and mine, your values ​​and mine all rhyme and make the most beautiful poetry, our poetry.

This ideal state is not easy to get to, that’s true. Because if there is anything with the power to break abundance in a relationship, it’s emotional imbalance. Especially a lack of generosity, both with ourselves and with our partner.

Let’s admit it, sometimes we throw ourselves into the arms of someone who’s not right for us. We do it with a hungry heart, blindfolded, yearning to be loved, but completely forgetting to love ourselves.

We stop being generous with our own selves in order to feed the other. But then we fall into a cycle of poverty, the prison cell of scarcity. We come to believe that being fed crumbs is ok. It’s better than nothing, as they say …

We settle for so little that we even forget that, before, we wanted everything. We forget above all that love means abundance. That those who love you enrich you and that those who “love themselves, take care of themselves”.

a happy couple in a colorful field of flowers

So let’s remember that we have the responsibility and privilege of being creators of our own happiness and that a thing like that happens from the inside out.

Because abundance is nothing more than an emotion that encourages us to help ourselves, to be worthy of fulfillment, balance and the kind of love that doesn’t hurt, it helps us grow.

All images in this article belong to Sonia Koch