Do You Underestimate Yourself?

Do You Underestimate Yourself?

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Do you underestimate yourself? Many people constantly underestimate themselves. This prevents them from progressing in their goals and purposes in life. Underestimation comes from low self-esteem, low confidence and self-assurance, and so on.

Today we are going to examine how someone who underestimates themselves behaves. If you identify with any of the following characteristics, try to fix it! Do not let yourself live your life always underestimating yourself.

There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.
-Robert Louis Stevenson-

You reject compliments

Modesty may be one of your characterizing treats. But the truth is that modesty can be a sign of underestimation. Seemingly minor phrases, like “it’s nothing,” “it’s not that great,” or “I don’t care” may indicate a real problem.

woman with "NO" written on palm

Do not underestimate yourself! Accept compliments that people give you out of good faith, because if they are complimenting you it is because you deserve it. Believe it!

You constantly refer to the opinions of others

If you are someone who underestimates themselves, your manner of speaking is probably characterized by always referring to what other people have done or said. For example: “my husband/wife/spouse says…”, “my professor said that…” This indicates a lack of security in what you are saying.

You also support your own opinions with others: “ask so and so if you don’t believe me,” “isn’t that right, Ramona?” Things like that make us very vulnerable and insecure.

You avoid thinking of yourself first

When was the last time you let you gave yourself a treat? People who underestimate themselves tend to think that they cannot afford themselves certain liberties such as indulging in something simply because they like it. But why not treat yourself?

You do not have to do everything for everyone else – you also deserve nice things! Allow yourself time to put importance on what you deserve first. Just once! Give it a try. It is not selfish, it is simply loving yourself.

You think others see you negatively

When will you stop thinking that those people laughing are laughing at you? Someone asking you out immediately provokes the nasty little thought that “this won’t last long, when they get to know me they’ll run away.” You perceive a sincere compliment as an act of charity, something that someone says to you so you will not feel bad about yourself.

woman telling surprised man a secret

Be confident. When you realize that there is sincerity in the words of others and that you are not the object of their laughter, you will become stronger and gain confidence. Do not think things that really are not true. You are the only one underestimating yourself. Don’t allow that!

You do not think that you are unique

Another kind of thought and behavior of people who underestimate themselves is believing that they are not unique. For instance, someone who underestimates themselves will think that people who ask them out or give them a nice gift do it for everyone. They will think, “I’m nothing special.”

“Everything starts like this,” “I’m not the only one,” “the others are better.” These thoughts are very common. It is a clear sign of insecurity. You have to believe in yourself . You are unique whether or not you believe it! Because no two people are the same. So never think that people treat you like just one more, because if so and you don’t like it, stay away!

We hope that we have helped you to determine how a person who underestimates themselves acts. Have you discovered through reading this that you do it sometimes? Well, fix it! You already know a little more about underestimation, so it’s time to stop it.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.