Show Me How Beautiful Life Really Is

Show Me How Beautiful Life Really Is
Lorena Vara González

Written and verified by the psychologist Lorena Vara González.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Show me how beautiful life is. Show me you’re hiding behind that smile of yours and what makes you wake up with the force of a hurricane.

Tell me what you’re thinking about when you stare off into the distance with a happy look on your face. Share with me how you love the smell of rain… even if it soaks you to the bone. How wet grass is your greatest delight.

Tell me if you’re the one who draws the rainbow in the sky or is it a coincidence? Yes, the rainbow you create when my sky turns gray and raindrops just pour down my body. When you remind me that water gives us life in color.

Most of all, show me that life is beautiful.

Remind me how beautiful everything is when you cover the eye that only sees negative things. Tell me again and again that we all go through storms, but they all come and go.

Don’t let me drown in my sorrows and give up when sadness tries to convince me my only choice is to complain.

Enjoy each hug, each look, each kiss. Happiness is in every little corner and shown in every little act of love.

Teach me how beautiful it is to see life in color

Show me how you ignore the darkness in the world and see everything in color. Tell me how I can see things differently and lighten my load.

Help me stop thinking about what hurts me and breaks me, about things that always seem to be going wrong. The things that make me think life is an absolute failure. A failure weighing down my back and filling me with despair.

When it happens to you, how do you stop it ruining everything? How do you turn a black hole into a star?

beautiful life

Remind me how beautiful the clouds are, even if they shy away from the sun. Let me know when I forget and I don’t see the beautiful things that are around me.

Convince me that in life there are absolutes far beyond anything we can think, imagine or hope.

Shout at me if necessary. Say it again and again, that everything can show life’s beauty, because it’s always in our power to choose what happens.

We all fall, we all get up, but only a few of us know how to take something positive from the thing that knocked us down.

Look around you, you are the one who creates your own paths, you are the owner of your destiny.

Teach me not to give up, teach me to trust in my own worth

Teach me not to give up, teach me to trust in my own worth. The truth is I feel too small to face this world where the obstacles are never ending, and roads go off in so many directions, with so many lanes and not a single sign.

I’m afraid of falling over an obstacle that’s bigger than me. Most of all, teach me not to have to teach myself, not to depend on anyone. Because nobody is worth more than me.

beautiful life

Remind me that we ​​walk through life alone, although there are people like you who give us a hand. This is so important, because to teach me is not to bind me. To teach me is not to make me dependent.

Instead, teaching me is to show me the way to be free. At the same time, the way to face things that don’t fit in with my vision of the world.

Sometimes when you walk you just smile, remembering the good times you spent together. What you learned walking hand in hand.  But you keep walking, because being alone doesn’t mean you haven’t learned from those who have gone with you along the way.

Life is beautiful

The beauty of life, each heartbeat, is in learning from the good of those around you. Accepting the bad things that come, either to change them or to integrate them into my story in a way that doesn’t harm me.

Smiling whenever you can, wherever you can, in whatever you try to do. And live — live fearlessly until you run out of breath.

Teach me that this is indeed the beauty of life.

Finally, remind me that I have to dare to let go of your hand and appreciate everything you have taught me.

Signed: a student, your student, the one who looks at you with hope.



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